think like a crafter

happy tuesday confident crafters, hope you all had a great and restful weekend!

this will be our last week in the confident crafter series,
and i have to admit i'm going to be pretty sad to have to see it end!

today i want to have a bit of a discussion
on what it means to think like a crafter.

for me, thinking like a crafter mostly revolves around
being able to see the possibilities for something greater in plain old everyday things.
my intense love of crafting and making really got going in high school
when i wanted to have cute trendy things, but didn't really have the cash to make that happen.
so instead of going to the mall, my sister and i would hit up the thrift stores
dig around for some fabulous hidden treasures,
and then break out the needle, thread, modge podge, and magazines.
being able to tell our friends, "oh yah, i made that!" when they would compliment our things
just made me feel so crafty fabulous!

that tradition of transforming the old into something new
has continued to be a really important part of my life, and why i craft.
i've learned how to look at things through my "crafting eyes" 
to try and see the possibilities beyond the obvious.
an oversized men's shirt? how about a dress for myself?
an empty tin can? how about a pencil holder for my desk?

of course i do still love to make crafts from scratch,
with shiny new yards of fabric or neatly bundled skeins of yarn,
but i think that my time reusing and restyling really helped me to learn how to think like a crafter.

what do you think it means to think like a crafter?
how often do you think about how you can make 
the world around you more beautiful?


  1. I used to hate window shopping until I realized it helped me get ideas. It's so easy to look at items in the store and see that it wouldn't be that hard to make. I used to think, "oh, I can't afford that." Now I think, "I like is it constructed? How could I make my own affordable version?"

    1. oh hilary, i LOVE this! i do this all the time, just window shop to get ideas on things to make. i think that's a great way to practice thinking like a crafter. you go girl!!


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