The Tiny Box Zippy - A PDF Sewing Pattern!

Tiny Box Zippy

I am so excited for today you guys!

I'd like to finally introduce you to my new favorite bag,
and newest PDF sewing pattern,
the Tiny Box Zippy!

After quite a few weeks of work by both me and my fabulous team of pattern testers,
the Tiny Box Zippy pdf pattern is ready for you to make your very own.
And I just can't wait to see what you guys do with it!

Tiny Box Zippy

This bag was inspired by a dopey old cosmetics bag full of buttons
my two year old son found in my craft closet and would not stop playing with.
When I actually stopped to look at the bag,
I realized it's petite dimensions yet boxy style would make a perfect case
to carry around a little hand sewing kit.

So with a couple improvements, including an optional and completely adorable handle,
inside pocket to hold additional accessories, and options for fun accent fabric choices,
the Tiny Box Zippy was born!

Tiny Box Zippy

This boxy little zippered bag finishes at 7.5"x4"x3",
making it the perfect size to hold your scissors, thread and mini pincushion,
as well as fabric and templates for your latest paper piecing project,
yet it will still easily fit inside your purse.

The simple design makes this bag the perfect opportunity to showcase a new favorite fabric,
especially since you only need 2 Fat Quarters worth of fabric to complete it!

You also have the opportunity to play with coordinating prints on the pocket and back panel,
as well the chance to get creative with your zipper and bias binding choices.

I keep finding fun new combinations I need to try in my own fabric stash!

Tiny Box Zippy

Written for the confident beginning sewer,
this easy to follow pdf pattern has detailed, step by step instructions and clear color photos
to help you finish your bag in no time.

Expert tips are sprinkled through the pattern on everything
from choosing interfacing to working with zippers
to make sure your finished bag looks like it was made by a pro.
There is no need to fear the zipper!

Also included is a set of "Abbreviated Instructions" for you to print out,
allowing you to save paper yet still have all the information you need to complete your bag.

Tiny Box Zippy

Because I am just SO excited to see all the adorable bags you make with this pattern,
the Tiny Box Zippy pattern will be on sale for 25% off this weekend!
On Monday, April 27, 2015 it will jump back up to full price,
so be sure to grab it on sale while you can!

If you need a little inspiration to get started,
look through the hashtag #TinyBoxZippy on Instagram
to see all the incredible bags my fabulous group of testers made.
And be sure to tag your own bags when you make them to show off your hard work!

Tiny Box Zippy

If you'd like to get a copy of this pattern for yourself,
then all you have to do is click on the link below
to purchase your copy from Craftsy.com!

Get it here >>> Tiny Box Zippy Available At Craftsy

PS: If you get it before Monday, April 27th,
you can snag it for 25% off!

Good luck sewing and Have FUN!


The Goldilocks Quilt - A Scrappy Bear Paw Quilt

The Goldilocks Quilt

I have a dear friend who had a set of twins just a couple months before I had my baby boy.
Needless to say, I never got around to making baby quilts for her girls!

When I found out they were expecting a little brother, I knew I had to make something,
but I couldn't just make the little brother a quilt and have the girls be left out!

So I decided I'd make an extra big and snuggly quilt
for my friend, her husband, and their three little baby bears to share.

The Goldilocks Quilt

It is always such a fun challenge to design a quilt for a friend.
I love trying to transcribe their personality into colors and pattern.

She is such a fun mix of modern and traditional,
and she and her family love being outdoors, camping, and adventuring.
(I mean, she used to teach college geology - this is a family that knows how to adventure!)

I thought the bear paw block would be the perfect traditional pattern
(with it's outdoorsy name and long quilting history)
and loved how graphic, bold, and modern it looked blown up to a large scale.

Of course the color scheme had to be green!
But it needed to be a warm combination of dark, humble, earthy greens,
and bright, youthful, spring greens.
Well we all know how much I love scrappy quilts, so scrappy it was!

The Goldilocks Quilt

Since this was going to be a quilt for the whole family,
I also wanted to try and bridge the gab between
"baby quilt" and "company is coming let's put our best quilt on the couch" quilt.

So I kept the bold, extra large, bear paws in a clean white
and made the background the scrappy element.
I love how large areas of scraps like this look like they shimmer!

For the babies, I thought it would be fun to sneak some I-Spy novelty prints in with the scraps.
Unfortunately, my green novelty stash was severely limited.

Here comes my favorite part of this quilt -

I put a shout out on Instagram to see if anyone had green I-Spy scraps they could trade me,
and I was so astonished by the result!

About a dozen of you fabulous quilters sent me the most adorable and precious little bits
of bears, and mushrooms, and little camper vans -
they could not have been more perfect for this quilt!

I will be so forever grateful to everyone who sent a little bit for this quilt,
thank you all again.

The Goldilocks Quilt

The Goldilocks Quilt

For the backing, I used a whole lot of Kona Pickle,
and a strip of leftover scraps to piece it together.
Pickle might be one of my new favorite colors,
such a perfect mix between happy spring green and yummy 70s green!

The Goldilocks Quilt

I knew I wanted to be able to quilt it on my domestic machine at home,
which meant I had to do something with straight lines (haha!).

I used a variegated green thread and made 1" stripes back and forth on the green areas,
but left the white areas mostly un-quilted to help them pop.
The quilting was definitely NOT my favorite part of the process,
but I think it came out pretty dang well considering.

The Goldilocks Quilt

This is the second quilt I've bound in the Cotton + Steel dots print
(which is really saying something considering I've only finished two quilts in the past while!).
I just love how it adds the perfect amount of interest.

The Goldilocks Quilt

Overall I am SO very pleased with this quilt!
It finished at 76"x76" (had to make sure it fit the whole family!)
and used just under 300 Half Square Triangles,
and all of the green I had in my stash!

When my friend came over for me to give it to her and we laid it out on the ground,
there were immediately babies crawling, jumping, and dancing all over it.
So I'm pretty confident in saying that they like it too.


Schnitzel Star Mini Quilt (with free pattern!)

Schnitzel Star Mini Quilt

Hello friends and Happy April!

Because I seem to have taken a bit of a "break" from blogging,
I have ended up with quite a list of projects that haven't been properly posted and shared!
Of course just about everything I do is documented on Instagram,
but Instagram can't replace the ability to fully share a project's story on your blog.

I hope you'll join me as I spend some time
catching up on the past year of sewing and quilting.
Who doesn't love looking at more quilted pretties right?!

Schnitzel Star Mini Quilt

Schnitzel Star Mini Quilt

During January and December,
I participated in the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt swap through Instagram
and had such an absolute blast!

I was given a secret partner, a list of her likes, dislikes and inspiration,
and was sent on my merry way to create a mini quilt that she would hopefully love forever.
A huge task for sure, but it was so much fun!!

My partner wrote that she was quite inspired at the moment by
abstract, angular, very fractal looking quilts and designs.
She is also quite spiritual and I wanted to try and include a nod to that.
So I decided on a prism/fractal/however you would describe it paper pieced star!

Schnitzel Star Mini Quilt

Having never tried paper piecing before, I first turned to a great resource -
PMQG member and paper piecing superstar Cath of Wombat Quilts.
She has a whole list on her site of free paper pieced star block patterns,
as well as some great tips on learning how to paper piece.

I found this pattern for the Twinkle Star,
which looked exactly like the star I made when trying to sketch out an idea.
The fact that it looked like stained glass was such an added bonus!

Schnitzel Star Mini Quilt

For my mini quilt, I made one star using the paper pieced pattern,
and then set in on point.
Then I made another star with lighter teals for the center points,
and broke it up into quarters,
putting each quadrant in a different corner.

For the fabrics I used a scrappy combination of blues, teals, aqua and navy,
and some Tula Pink birds and bees as the center star.
This is the first quilt where I really feel like I nailed my "fabric style".
I love tone on tone geometric prints,
so that when I combine them in a scrappy way it becomes much more
about playing with their color than with their design.
The background is a scrappy mix of different toned greys.

I bound the quilt in the lightest aqua,
and LOVE that when you first look at the quilt,
the corners almost seem to disappear,
making the quilt look hexagonal instead of square!

Schnitzel Star Mini Quilt

I knew I wanted to emphasize the star with the quilting,
so I just did some simple straight line echo quilting.
I just adore how the back looks,
and think it would look so cool do do a whole cloth quilt with a great star pattern like that!

Schnitzel Star Mini Quilt

I included a little pincushion for an extra, using scraps from the quilt,
and a little lightning bolt design.
My partner's last name is Bolt, so they call their family Team Bolt!
How cute is that! I just had to make something with a bolt!

(the fact that I was listening to the Harry Potter books
the whole time I was working on this didn't help, haha!)

Schnitzel Star Mini Quilt

It all got wrapped up and sent on it's way,
and I just love thinking about the fact that a little something of mine is out in the world
hopefully making someone's home, day, and life a little bit brighter.

This is only the beginning of swapping mini quilts!
I am definitely hooked!


My PMQG Medallion Quilt

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

Happy New Year my dearest friends!
It's been awhile ;]

This year is already off to a fabulous start
especially now that I have my first quilt of the year finished -
my medallion quilt from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild Medallion Along of 2014!

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

Each month of last year, the PMQG provided the pattern for a new round on the medallion.
Since I joined the guild part way through the year, I had a bit to make up for.
I wasn't able to finish it by the December deadline,
but since I was only one round away from finishing I had to keep going!

It feels so so good to have this crossed off my wip list now!

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

I had a lot of fun doing a scrappy take on this quilt,
with my color obsession from last year of aqua, yellow, and grey.
I also used a lot of low volume bits to give the white areas some extra texture.

I love how light, bright, and airy it looks.
Although that made it a lot harder than I was expecting to get a good photo!
It looks a lot brighter in real life...

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

It turned out to be the perfect size for the little guest bed we have in my sewing room,
which means I can admire all my hard work all the time, haha.

But seriously, I am pretty proud of this beast.
All of those rounds took a bit longer than I expected,
but I actually finished it!!

Now, onto the next one ;]
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