My PMQG Medallion Quilt

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

Happy New Year my dearest friends!
It's been awhile ;]

This year is already off to a fabulous start
especially now that I have my first quilt of the year finished -
my medallion quilt from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild Medallion Along of 2014!

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

Each month of last year, the PMQG provided the pattern for a new round on the medallion.
Since I joined the guild part way through the year, I had a bit to make up for.
I wasn't able to finish it by the December deadline,
but since I was only one round away from finishing I had to keep going!

It feels so so good to have this crossed off my wip list now!

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

I had a lot of fun doing a scrappy take on this quilt,
with my color obsession from last year of aqua, yellow, and grey.
I also used a lot of low volume bits to give the white areas some extra texture.

I love how light, bright, and airy it looks.
Although that made it a lot harder than I was expecting to get a good photo!
It looks a lot brighter in real life...

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

It turned out to be the perfect size for the little guest bed we have in my sewing room,
which means I can admire all my hard work all the time, haha.

But seriously, I am pretty proud of this beast.
All of those rounds took a bit longer than I expected,
but I actually finished it!!

Now, onto the next one ;]


Win A Free Craftsy Class Giveaway!

Hello friends and Happy Weekend!

Sorry about all the radio silence this month. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I've been in the middle of a move. Talk about stressful! But today I have some fabulous news for you -

One - I have all of my fabric boxes patiently sitting in my new very own sewing room!! I am so excited about this you guys, this means I'll be back to my old sewing and blogging self so soon. And there will be lot's of sewing space DIY's of course!

Two - I'm giving away a free Craftsy Class!

As an affiliate for Craftsy, I have the chance to host this giveaway for one of you fabulous readers to win a Craftsy Class of your choice!

I love being able to take video classes, especially from inspiring crafters and teachers. There is something so fun about being able to see the way that different people work, and I love being able to pick up all their little tricks and tips. I'm just dying to take a class from my current favorite quilter, Camille Roskelly of Thimbleblossoms. Her Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple looks so great!

To enter the giveaway, Click Through Here and enter with your email address. That's it!

You have until Friday April 4th to enter at 9pm PST. A winner will be chosen at random and emailed afterward.

Good luck and have a great crafty weekend!


I Spy Economy Block Scrappy Quilt

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I Spy Quilt

I am so excited to share another finished quilt with you today - the Scrappy I Spy Quilt!

I made this scrappy little quilt as an I Spy blanket for my little man,
full of quirky little things and bright colorful patterns for him to look for and point at.

And considering how loudly he squeals when he sees it, I think he likes it!

I Spy Quilt

Earlier this year I read about the Economy Block Quilt Along
and thought that would be the perfect pattern for this I Spy quilt.
I initially used the Economy Block tutorial written by Red Pepper Quilts,
but ended up getting a bit sneaky...

I love clean, more modern looking quilts with plenty of negative space.
I also don't have the largest stash of quilting fabrics yet, especially of novelty prints,
and knew incorporating a solid would help stretch my stash.

Instead of piecing another square of print fabric around each economy block,
I used a full white block in between each patterned block.
I then added a rainbow border, complete with white sashing.

I Spy Quilt

I Spy Quilt

The backing of the quilt is a warm fuzzy flannel,
and makes the quilt so warm and heavy!

My little man's favorite part of his current favorite blankie is the little silky tag,
so I knew I needed to add a little silk ribbon tag for him to hold onto.

I Spy Quilt

I Spy Quilt

This project was sponsored by Tide Pods and Gain Flings from Target,
little packets of laundry soap you can just grab and throw into the washer.
I was sent a handful to try, and they were fantastic!

I've always been a fan of Tide,
it smells so good and it's the only detergent I've found that actually cleans
my little man's oatmeal covered shirts, haha.

I wish so badly I had these little flings back when we were living in an apartment
and had to climb three flights of stairs to do our laundry.
Carrying all our laundry, a giant thing of detergent,
and a baby that wanted to climb the stairs all by himself (but clearly couldn't)
just got to be a little too much sometimes...
Being able to carry just a little Tide Pod would have been much easier!

I Spy Quilt

I Spy Quilt

Little things go a long way, not just in laundry but in all parts of life.

This scrappy little quilt holds a lot of meaning for me.
Some of the fabrics I used are scraps I've been holding onto for years.
There are bits from my grandma who taught me how to sew when I was little,
from my aunt who is still one of my biggest crafting fans,
from college when I was getting my degree in clothing construction,
and new pieces from this new blogging and quilting journey I'm on!
There is even a scrap from the bunting I made for my wedding!

All of these tiny pieces of fabric came together
to make a bright and cheery quilt for my little man
to both entertain and comfort him.

I hope that this little quilt will be a treasure for him when he grows up,
just like the little bits of fabric it's made of have been treasures for me :]

I Spy Quilt


Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Remember these little hexies I made a while back from that free Creativebug class?

Well I'm finally here to show you the little wallet I made with them,
complete with a tutorial for you to make your own Quilted Zipper Pouch!

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

I used my Free Big Bow Zipper Wallet pattern as the pattern for this wallet,
you can download it here to help you through this tutorial.

Now let's get started!

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

FIrst, you will need something to make your wallet out of.
I used hand pieced hexies, which was super easy because I only need a couple!
You could use any bit of patchwork, just make sure if it isn't rectangular,
that the smallest sides are still a bit bigger than your pattern piece.

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

If you are using hexies like me,
I'll show you what I did to make sure the complete hexie shows on the pouch.

In the Creativebug class I took,
she shared a couple different ways to cut the fabric when piecing your hexies.
I cut out squares of fabric, instead of cutting out a hexagon shape,
so that I would have more fabric to use as seam allowance when stitching my wallet.

I opened the hexie seams that were on the outside of my piece,
and pressed it all flat so I had one flat panel of fabric.

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Then I trimmed that panel into a rectangle,
trying my best to align the stitching line of the white side hexies with the stitching line of the wallet.
Now, you're ready to quilt it!

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

My new favorite secret trick to quilting tiny things?
Fusible fleece batting!
This is fleece interfacing that is fusible on one side,
allowing you to iron it to your project and not have to worry about basting it.

To make your quilted pouch,
just cut a bit of fusible fleece a bit larger than your patchwork panel,
and fuse it to the back.

(You could also use traditional batting and baste it to your piece.
I just found it easier to use fusible for this tiny project.)

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Now that you have your batting,
quilt your piece however you want.
I did a little hand quilting with some embroidery thread,
the tiny size of this project is perfect for hand quilting.

Repeat all of the above steps for the backing of your wallet.
You can make it match, or make it different.
Your chance to be creative!

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

With your front and back pieces quilted, you are ready to assemble your wallet!

(In my Big Bow Zipper Wallet Pattern there are directions
with photos for every step of the zipper wallet assembly process,
so right here I will just show you the main steps.)

Cut out two lining pieces the same size as your front and back pieces,
and grab a zipper the same size.

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

To sew the zipper, lay out the front wallet panel, face up,
and place the zipper face down with the right edge lining up with the top of the front panel.
Then lay your lining on top of that, right side down, also lining up that edge.
Pin, and then sew with a zipper foot,
as close to the right zipper edge as your zipper foot allows.

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

When you're done, flip both of your fabric pieces so they face the right direction
and press the seam well.
It should look like half of a wallet, like this!

Repeat the process for the other side of the wallet.

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

When you have both linings and both front and back panels sewn to the zipper,
open your zipper a little bit (to make sure you have an opening to turn it rightside out)
and then open your fabric pieces so you match the front and back panel, right sides together
and the two lining pieces, right sides together.

Stitch around the outer edge of your whole wallet,
leaving an opening a couple inches wide on the lining edge.
When you come to the zippers, do your best to make sure they line up,
and don't let your needle hit the zipper and break!

Clip your corners, press your seams, and flip the whole thing inside out.
Stitch up the hole in your lining, either by hand or machine,
and fold it into the bag where it belongs.
Zip up your little baby and you're all done!

Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

This was such a simple project,
and such a great way to use a few tiny hexies,
I see myself making many many more of these.
Maybe this weekend while we get snowed in?!
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