Mesa Mini Quilt - FREE PDF Pattern

Mesa Mini Quilt Pattern

Have you done any mini quilt swaps through Instagram?

Just this week I finished up my mini for the Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap,
and of course I have to share it with you all.

The added bonus - I wrote up a FREE Mesa Mini Quilt Pattern for it
so you could make one too!

Mesa Mini Quilt Pattern

This mini quilt was inspired by a print in the Mesa fabric line
by Cotton and Steel designer Alexa Abegg.

I have always loved the design of this print,
but the colors are ones I never really use.
Then I thought, what if I used the design to make my mini quilt,
and then I could pick whatever colors I wanted?!

The Mesa Mini was born!

Mesa Mini Quilt Pattern

I drew up a paper piecing pattern so all I had to do
was decide on the colors I wanted, and then sit down and sew.
No fussy measuring and cutting crazy weird triangles, just sewing.

I also included in the PDF Pattern the piecing template I used
to write down which fabrics I was using where.
It really helped me to keep it all straight!

Mesa Mini Quilt Pattern
Mesa Mini Quilt Pattern

I used all Cotton and Steel basics for this mini
so that I could really concentrate on the colors and how to use them for the best effect.
I think this would look really neat in a fun combination of prints!

I made sure to include in the pattern a few blank coloring pages
so that you can experiment with a bunch of fabric combinations before you decide!

For the quilting, I just did some simple straight line echo quilting.
Next time I want to get crazy and try some matchstitck quilting,
or really intricate free motion designs.

Mesa Mini Quilt Pattern

If you would like to make your own Mesa Mini Quilt,
just pop over to my Craftsy store
and download the Mesa Mini Quilt Pattern for free!

Be sure to tag any quilts you make with #mesaminiquilt on Instagram
so that I can see what you come up with!

Hope you have as much fun as I did playing with colors and fabrics!


The Tiny Geese Keychain - A PDF Sewing Pattern!

The Tiny Geese Keychain - A PDF Pattern

It's time for a new pattern - how about with some teenie tiny paper piecing?!

I'd like to introduce you to the Tiny Geese Keychain PDF Sewing Pattern!

This adorable, 4" long, quilty keychain is the perfect weekend project:
small, simple, and cleans out your scrap bin!

The Tiny Geese Keychain - A PDF Pattern

Over Mother's Day weekend we bought a new car,
and I knew that I was going to need to make a fun new keychain for my keys.

So while my boys took a little Sunday nap,
I holed up in my sewing room, playing with all my scraps,
and the Tiny Geese Keychain was born!

Now I can take my favorite scraps with me wherever I go, haha!

The Tiny Geese Keychain - A PDF Pattern

This paper piecing pattern makes a long row of 1/2" x 1" flying geese.
These geese use the tiniest bits of fabric,
so you can showcase those beloved minuscule scraps you just can't bear to get rid of.

And with two hardware options, key fob hardware or a D Ring,
you can use what you have on hand to finish in no time.

Color photos and detailed instructions will walk you through constructing your keychain.
A brief refresher on paper piecing techniques is also included,
so even a timid paper piecer will have success.

I had an amazing team of testers help me perfect this pattern -
Just look at all those amazing color combinations!

Be sure to check out all of their keychains on Instagram
with the tag #TinyGeeseKeychain.

The Tiny Geese Keychain - A PDF Pattern

Now for the best part -

For this weekend only, Fri June 12 through Mon June 15,
the Tiny Geese Keychain PDF Pattern will be 25% OFF!

There is no coupon code needed, just pop on over to my Craftsy store to get it!

I can't wait to see what fantastic keychains you all come up with,
so grab your scraps, print out your pattern, and let's get sewing!

The Tiny Geese Keychain - A PDF Pattern


Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial - With FREE Pattern!

Foundation Paper Piecing Crash Course

Hey My Crafty, Quilty Friends!

Since I have a new paper piecing pattern coming out later this week (the Tiny Geese Keychain)
I thought it would be fun to do a little Crash Course on Foundation Paper Piecing!

Foundation Paper Piecing Crash Course

Paper Piecing can seem like an intimidating skill
because it is usually used by more advanced quilters,
but once you practice a couple times, I think you'll love it!

Paper Piecing is such a great technique to have in your quilty tool belt
because it allows you to stitch complex designs very simply.
And it's much easier to get all your points to match!

Foundation Paper Piecing Crash Course

To help you on your journey today to learn how to paper piece,
I have included a Free Flying Geese PDF Pattern Download!

The geese measure 2" x 4", a great size for learning how to paper piece.
The added bonus is that this pattern could be used in a million other projects!

When you complete this tutorial,
and start working on all kinds of quilty projects with this Flying Geese Pattern,
be sure to share photos with the tag #MichaelAnnMade on Instagram and Facebook
so we can all marvel at your newly mastered skill!

So what are we waiting for, let's get started!

[[ tutorial continued after the jump ]]


Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

Have you caught the Tiny Box Zippy Bug yet?!

There have been so many adorable Tiny Box Zippies popping up on Instagram,
I am just so amazed by the wonderful bags you guys have been sewing!

Today I would love to share with you a little pattern hack I came up with
to make a quilted version of the Tiny Box Zippy.

With this skill added to your arsenal,
we are going to have the world covered in little zippies in no time!

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

Last month, I was able to be part of the hexie swap on Instagram.
We were instructed to make 30 hexies for our partner, as well as a little bag to put them in.
Well what better bag to make for a fellow hexie enthusiast than a Tiny Box Zippy!

I decided to take things one step further by making a quilted, patchwork, Tiny Box Zippy,
full of adorable hexies on the top,
and bits of lovely scraps on the side panel.

So what are we waiting for!
Download your copy of the Tiny Box Zippy PDF Pattern at my Craftsy shop,
and then read on for the instructions to make your very own
quilted version of the Tiny Box Zippy!

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

First, create patchwork panels for the pattern pieces you want.
In this example, I made patchwork for the Bag Top Piece
and the Zipper Panel pieces,
(For the Bag Bottom and Back Panel pieces, I just used a single piece of fabric.)

When building your patchwork, give yourself plenty of wiggle room
and make sure that your patchwork piece is a couple inches larger than the pattern piece.

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

You can make sure that your patchwork is large enough for your top piece
by printing out the pattern and placing it over the patchwork.

In order to make the hexies work, I had to undo the basting on the outside hexies
and stitch their sides together, all the way to the end of the fabric.
This made sure that there was enough seam allowance for the bag piece.

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

Once you have your patchwork set,
cut out a scrap piece of quilt batting,
and a scrap piece of lightweight interfacing (I used Pellon SF101)
for each of the pattern pieces you want quilted,
an inch or two larger than your fabric.

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

For each piece, layer your fabric, then batting, then interfacing on the bottom.

Pin and quilt as desired!

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

Again using your pattern pieces,
trim all quilted pieces back to the sizes specified in the pattern.
Make sure that you have your patchwork centered and all seam allowances fit.

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

To make the patchwork zipper panel,
I made one piece of patchwork that would be large enough
for both zipper panel pattern pieces (including an inch or two of wiggle room).

After the piece was quilted,
I was then able to cut both the Wide and Thin Zipper Panel pieces from the same piece.

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

Here is what you should have when you are done -
One quilted top, one quilted bottom, a back panel, and two zipper panels!

Now just take these pieces and continue making your bag as the pattern states!

Because of the additional bulk the batting adds,
be cautious when sewing the curves and lots of layers in one seam.
You may also need to trim and grade your seam allowances a little more.
Take your time and you should have no trouble at all!

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

Quilted Tiny Box Zippy Tutorial

I had so much fun making this little quilted bag,
I definitely think another is in order.
Maybe with a teenie Dresden plate on top?
Or a row of tiny paper pieced flying geese?

I can't wait to see what designs and patterns you dream up for your Tiny Box Zippy pouches!
Keep sharing them on Instagram, and have fun!
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