chalkboard paint pencil can tutorial

in trying to get my life organized now that i'm back to school,
i've been working on organizing and sprucing up my work space.
we had some extra cans and i thought it would be fun to paint them in chalkboard paint
and use them as pencil holders!
here is the chalkboard paint pencil can tutorial just for you :]


- cans! i think it could be fun to use different sizes to hold different things
- masking tape
- plain acrylic paint to use as a primer
- regular brush and foam brush
- chalkboard paint! i used this chalk board paint.

before you start painting the cans,
make sure that they are safe, especially if you will be doing this project with kids.
there was a little pokey bit on one of my cans, so i used some pliers to push it back.
don't want to cut your fingers!

next, tape off the edges of the cans.
it looks really neat to have the chalkboard can with the clean silver border,
and i know that i'm a fairly messy painter...
having the tape makes sure there's no spill over!

now time to paint!
first paint two coats with the plain acrylic paint, making sure to let it dry between each coat.
in the past i have just gone straight to the chalkboard paint,
but sometimes you waste a couple coats just trying to make a base.
this way the acrylic paint acts as a primed base for the chalkboard paint.

once the acrylic is dried, paint two coats of the chalkboard paint!
i used the foam brush for the chalkboard paint to try and make the least amount of brush strokes,
and made sure it was dry before painting the next coat.

and there you have it!
write a little note with chalk and fill the can with your supplies!
now, to get the rest of my desk organized... :]

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  1. cute. I think this is a great idea for organizing your 'wares'.

    Good luck with Fall term.


  2. These are great! Pinning now and making later :)

  3. Hi Michael,
    love your projects, very creative. Would you like to guest post over at my blog I would love to have you over.
    You can reach me at


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