men's shirt to dress refashion

the mr and i spent most of the weekend being busy and getting ready
for our road trip down to california later this week,
and i was able to finish up a men's shirt refashion that i've had on my project list for too long!

before: giant chambray men's shirt thrifted for $2

after: simple summer dress!

don't you love it when an idea turns out even better in real life than you imagined?
i have been craving an easy summer dress project for some time
and found the perfect, super large shirt while thrifting with the mr a couple weeks ago.

i cut off the sleeves and the collar, leaving just the collar band.
i also took off the pocket because it looked a little funny down near my waist...
then i slimmed down the sides to fit loose so it would gather cute with a belt.
when i tried it on, the shoulders turned out to be long enough to be little cap sleeves!
so i just finished them at the bottom of the armholes to be kimono sleeves, easy peasy.

the shirt itself wasn't quite long enough to be a dress,
so i used the fabric from the sleeves to make a band at the bottom of the dress,
adding the sleeve's placket as a little detail on the side.

i finished just in time to be able to wear it to our fourth of july celebrations
of frozen yogurt and fireworks at the waterfront!
i hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend and fourth of july!

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  1. That is super cute, Michael! I would totally buy that.

  2. I love this! I had just been talking about converting husband's less that favorite business shirts into dresses for myself. I would love it if you posted a tutorial. The cuffs on the dress boarder is so sweet. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower, here from MVD Thriftaholics.

  3. thanks for the feedback guys!

    meredith - i forgot to take pictures along the way to make it into a tutorial, but if i make another one i will certainly make a diy post!

  4. so super cute!! i think i will make one! i like how you used the sleeve to make it longer. really smart!!

  5. That is so adorable! You are a smart cookie! I love it so much!

  6. this is so cute! maybe i'll make one too (someday!)

  7. Oh, I love this! It loos great on you and a fantastic idea!

  8. this is so great! i have a stack of mens dress shirts and one of them needs to turn into this!


  9. This is fantastic, you clever thing! It looks so cute. I've actually been thinking about doing something similar for ages... You've got me inspired now!

    Katie x

  10. I CANNOT believe this used to be a man's shirt! So so fabulous.

    Enter our giveaway for a $50 Visa Card!

  11. Cute! I've been wanting to try this. The band at the bottom is my favorite part!

  12. my goodness michael! wild talent all over this one! i love it!

  13. So much fabulous feedback, thank you so much guys!

  14. LOVE THIS!! I want to go find a huge shirt now and make one!

  15. Love this too.....
    And the band at the bottom is fabulous.

  16. ohh stunning! Seriously you're an artist! A great idea, turns to be a great dress!

  17. Just made this. Thanks for the idea. I did vary the hem s bit due to the style of the cuffs on the shirt I bought. I also moved the pocket to left skirt area and used a piece of the collar as a detail to make it handy to hold my phone
    Can't wait to wear it. Tofal cost of outfit ($3 for a Perry Ellis shirt, $1 for belt)..

  18. oh paul or mary, how fabulous! i would love to see a picture to see how it turned out, i love that you used different pieces of the shirt to really make it your own :]

  19. I made one and it turned out great! Thank you for the idea. Mine turned out a little short because the shirt was a little smaller to start with, but I also added the sleeve and used the cuff for detail on the hem. It's perfect for a beach dress, and I am going to make another for more of an afternoon/town dress. Thank you!

  20. Such a cute dress! I have just found your site- I have just finished a tutorial on how to make a dress from an old shirt. It would be fab if you could check it out!

    Plus, there as some silly photos of me trying to model it at the end of the post.

    Jessica :)

  21. So cute! How did you trim down the sides?

  22. SO I instructed my Mr to rifle through his side of the closet tonight before he left for work after checking your pin out. He came up with 2 Xl striped shirts I cannot wait to play with, Thank you very much ;) Namaste

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