KCW - Mix and Match Cardigan

Mix and Match Cardigan

Today for my Kid's Clothes Week update,
I would like to introduce you to this little Mix and Match Cardigan!

Another self drafted pattern, using the same pattern as the Little Man Cardigan
(just without the shawl collar).
It was interesting to see how different this sweater came out with such a different weight material.
Although it didn't come out exactly how I had it in my head,
I'm pretty dang pleased with this hipster little number.

Mix and Match Cardigan

I used two old shirts of mine,
and tried out a little color mix and matching.
Sometimes I like it, and sometimes this sweater look a little off to me...
I think it's the proportions of the bottom binding vs. the shoulder color block... I don't know.

Mix and Match Cardigan

The blue shirt that I was using ended up being a bit smaller than I was hoping,
so I had to do some clever cutting and piecing.
Because of that, the sleeves came out a little thinner
than I think my muscular little guy can wear for too much longer,
but now I know better than to skimp on arm width!

Mix and Match Cardigan

I'm just so happy that this KCW challenge has jump started me back into sewing clothes!
Clothes sewing was my first love, and will always be my truest love.
Even if sometimes it takes a couple tries to make something exactly how I want it... ;]

Mix and Match Cardigan

I'm hoping to spend the weekend portion of KCW on my little man's Halloween Costume,
although I already know it's going to take a bit of discipline to sew this weekend.

How has your KCW been turning out?
Anywhere near accomplishing everything on your list?!
(Haha, I am definitely not going to get done everything I had planned... That's for sure!)


  1. Ooh I love it! The colors are great and so masculine!

  2. I came across your project on KCW site and had to pop over for a visit. The cardi is absolutely darling (even if it didn't quite go to a plan). The colours are lovely :) A fun comfy cardi for a busy little man :) Well done :)

  3. So happy to hear that kcw got you back doing something you love! And the cardigan turn out super awesome!

  4. My list was pretty small but there was one thing I didn't get to finish. Made the practice version, but didn't get to do the 'good' version. Otherwise I was happy with what I achieved.


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