KCW - Little Man Cardigan

Michael Ann Made || KCW - Little Man Cardigan

Time to do a little Kid's Clothes Week catch up!

Tuesday is our busiest day of the week, so I fudged my sewing a little
and just put the finishing touches on a little cardigan I had made last week.
After an early morning walk in the fog this morning to take some pictures,
I finally have something to blog! Haha!

Michael Ann Made || KCW - Little Man Cardigan

Michael Ann Made || KCW - Little Man Cardigan

I'm so happy with how this little grandpa cardigan came out!

I drafted pattern from one of little guy's sweater,
but wanted to try out making a shawl collar for that old grandpa look.
I'm not sure I did the shawl collar quite right for how thick the sweater material is,
because it doesn't fold very well or stay down while he's running around...
But you know what, I finished a project, so that's all I'm worried about!

Michael Ann Made || KCW - Little Man Cardigan

I used an old sweater of mine, using the existing hems again (my new favorite trick!)
and found these fantastic old man buttons in my stash.
The fit is just big enough for him to be able to wear it for a while,
which is good because this thing is definitely my new favorite sweater of his!

Michael Ann Made || KCW - Little Man Cardigan

Now, back to work!

I've got another sweater I nearly finished last night,
let's hope I can get the little guy to take some pictures in it this afternoon!


  1. So cute! And I also love using the existing hems of old sweaters. Makes it so much quicker to sew!

  2. Oh I love it! It looks great! The shawl collar is a nice touch!


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