homework features and a studio tour

alright crafters, time to review last week's homework assignment to spruce up your space!
first let's look at what you guys accomplished this week!

i am so excited that my dear friend whitney from my old utah days decided to take the crafting plunge!
she used this tutorial to make a little banner to hang in her house.
i just love how cheery the blue and yellow are.
great job whitney! i hope that you keep up the crafting!

how many of us have projects on our pinterest boards that we say we're going to do but never finish?
well i am so excited to feature jenn, a new blogging friend,
because she got to work and did one of her pinned projects instead of just thinking about it!
her adorable little glass containers have chalkboard labels and little painted figurines,
perfect for storing plenty of tiny craft supplies.

for the assignment, i decided to actually clean my desk for once (haha)
and re-do my little inspiration board.
i thought this would be a perfect chance for me to give you guys a little tour of my "studio"

here's the inspiration board i have hung by my desk.
it is an old drawing board from an art class in college that i covered with chalkboard paint last year.
now i have my blog schedule to keep me on track, a list of projects to finish,
a few magazine pages i find really inspiring right now,
and a couple pictures of my little boy to be - the most inspiring thing i have right now :]

my little craft nook is actually our dining room.
we didn't have a dining table when we moved in, so i just set up camp.
two years later and we still don't have a dining table, so i'm still crafting here!

i like to try (keyword try) to keep it clean in here so i can sit down and get right to work when i need.
i keep my sewing machine and essential crafting tools in those little metal drawers.
the rest of my supplies are in a hall closet (or end up in a giant box on the floor in here... oops!)

but my favorite part of my nook? the hidden ironing board closet!
our little 1920's apartment may have it's dusty drafty corners,
but there are some little quirks like this closet that make it so worth it!

hope you enjoyed the tiny tour of my little baby craft space.
its not much, but i've really come to love it :]

see you back here tomorrow with our next homework assignment!
were you able to accomplish your crafting goals last week?


  1. I love your little space!!! So cozy! So organized and neat!!
    So the assignment. I'll be honest with you..
    It was on my mind... I kept staring at my craft stash and my "space"...Time just passed and here we are...
    I have a much smaller space- just a former computer desk. I will try again this coming weekend to tackle even just a drawer..wish me luck!

    dela chic

  2. Michael, your enthusiasm and positive reaction to my banner make me want to keep on trying, even with the little frustrations I ran up against while making it! Thanks!

    1. oh you are so welcome whitney! i sure hope you keep up the crafting, practice makes perfect and all :]

  3. such a great space. I think it's sooo important for one to have their creative nook :)

  4. very nice. the iron board is awesome. the curtains are adorable. where did you get that cute file cabinet? please do share.

    1. i got that file cabinet in back in high school from ikea and love it! the drawers are the perfect depth for craft supplies, and it looks so industrial cool

  5. you finished your granny square blanket!!

    1. haha, yah! kinda... still need to tie up the ends and add a border. will def be doing a blog post about it soon in the series.

  6. I love seeing the other projects! I have one of those drawing boards (a couple actually from my college art class days too) and I love how you hung it as an oversized inspiration board. I'll have to file that idea away for my future craft space. And by "file that idea away" I mean pin to my DIY board. Check one project off the list add another ;)

  7. I like your drawing board idea for your craft nook! Your work area looks very tidy and neat. A perfect place to craft and sew.


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