valentines banner diy!

i finally finished a little banner for valentines
and would love to share with you how i did it!

this is a great pattern for banners for any occasion.
i decided to use a favorite beatles lyric
so that when i forget to take it down after valentines is over
it isn't too out of place ;]


various colors of felt
bits of pretty fabric
paper to make a pattern
needle and embroidery thread
hot glue gun
yarn to hang them up!

step one - trace something circular to make two patterns.
leave one a circle for the fabric insides,
and add little petals to the other to make the scalloped edge of the felt pattern.
cut out both patterns and use them to cut out all your fabric.

step two - cut out all your letters and get everything arranged.

step three - sew the fabric circles onto the felt with a running stitch.
because i like the way the felt letters looked without stitches on them,
i hot glued the letters onto the little circles after they were sewn.

step four - mark on the backs of the circles where the top of the letters are,
and after laying them out and spacing them the way you want, flip them over.
hot glue the yarn to the backs about where you marked them.

then find a spot to hang it up and enjoy your work!

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  1. This is so very lovely! Your fabric choices and the scallops are perfect.

  2. You never cease to amaze me Michael. Love it.

  3. You're too much for me righ now....very clever idea. I love it.

  4. I love this! thanks for stopping by my blog because it lead me to discovering yours :)


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