valentine's DIY inspiration

so i finally took down all my christmas decorations (oops)
but now my poor little house is too bare.
looks like its time for some valentine crafting!
i thought i would share with you a couple valentines diys and tutorials i found around the web
while trying to get inspiration for some new projects.

1. i made this valentine's banner last year from felt and little fabric scraps.
now its time to hang it back up again!

2. these little crochet hearts are so adorable, and so easy to make
i actually made a bunch a couple years ago but had lost the tutorial, so glad i found it again!

3. continuing with crochet, these crochet edged paper valentines are the cutest things ever.
i will definitely be trying out this fabulous tutorial.

4. lastly i found this inspiration photo for a floral lined envelope.
how easy would it be to add some pretty paper to a basic envelope
and how sweet would it be to send to a friend far away!

now its time to clean off my desk and get crafting!
what sorts of valentines crafts and projects are you working on?


  1. aww, I love the crocheted hearts! I know I've made some in the past, but hadn't thought of making them as valentines! all of these crafts are super cute & practical.

  2. love this inspiration! i just spent SO long going through your blog posts. you are so talented. can't get enough!


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