you know that feeling when the clouds part and the sun shines in,
and finally all your wonderings and questionings have the light shined on them,
and everything makes sense again?
that was what happened this weekend. yay!
boy did i need that!

the mr and i spent the entire rainy weekend cuddled up on the couch,
and i finally had the time to work on this crocheted blanket i started over summer.
for some reason i just can't get into crocheting over the summer,
but the second the air gets cooler and it starts raining,
that's all i want to do.

making little granny circles one by one has been a great way to get back into my rhythm.
i'm making progress, but i have a long way to go.
and isn't that a great metaphor for life...? :]

in other terribly exciting news, this little blog of mine has been making all kinds of progress!
my fabric leaf garland tutorial was featured yesterday on say yes to hoboken,
and my dip dyed shirt and men's shirtdress were featured on cotton and curls!
so much love i don't know what to do with myself!

and the biggest progress of all, i think,
we have finally reached 100 google friend followers!!
i always thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway celebration when i hit 100,
but i never thought it would be so soon!
i am just so grateful and excited by all your support,
and am planning to have a little something for you later this week... :]

so be sure to check back soon, and have a fabulous week my fabulous friends!


  1. oh my goodness that blanket looks like it's going to be amazing! love the colours you're using. I tend to do the same with crochet & knit projects; just started working on a hat I started just before spring :/

  2. Ah! Ever since seeing Sandra Juto's finished granny blanket I've been craving to make my own. Do you have a tutorial you love? I'm not much of a crocheter..

  3. Congratulations! I love the granny squares and I totally know that feeling when suddenly everything makes sense again. I had it this weekend as well :)

  4. This is so inspiring, this autumn/winter is definitely the time I need to finally learn to crochet!!

  5. Michael you're just so awesome! People can't help but love seeing what you do!
    And I'm going to steal that blanket when you're done with it.
    Just a heads up.

  6. congrats, lady love! that's so exciting :) i'm loving the colors you chose for this blanket!


  7. i love the look of granny sqaures all layed out like that, its so pretty! :) love the colors too, its going to look so good!


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