a giveaway and a swap.

this is your friendly reminder that today is the last day to enter the etsy shop givaway!
tell your friends, tell your neighbors, you could win an item of your choice from the shop!

as another bit of news, i now have a couple blog buttons for you to post where ever you please!
you can visit the side bar for their code info ---->

i've been meaning to spruce up my side bar for sometime now
with pretty little buttons from all my favorite sites.
so i was wondering dear readers if there were any of you
who would like to participate in a blog button exchange!
i'll post a button link to your blog or shop and you can post a link to mine!

just send me an email at michaelann@michaelannmade.com
with the link to your site and button if you would like to swap.
i think it would be a great way to share the blogging love :]