etsy grand opening and giveaway! is now live!

i am so excited about my new etsy adventures
and have listed a little collection of wrist pin cushions to get things started.
tomorrow will bring a couple more goodies so be sure to check back!

i am so so grateful for all the feedback and support that you dear readers have given me this summer
and want to be able to give a little something back to you.
now that sounds like a perfect reason for the first ever...


THE PRIZE - item of your choice from the etsy shop!

TO ENTER - leave a comment on this post telling me favorite item from the shop
                 - and be sure to leave your email address

the giveaway will remain open until next wednesday night, august 25th
with the winner declared thursday!
so please tell all your friends to tweet and facebook about this exciting event
and to follow this blog with google connect or bloglovin for even more crafty goodness to come!

thanks again dear readers for all your support!
let the giveaway games begin!


  1. YESSSSS MY CRAFTING HERO!!!!!!! I'm still hoarding all my craft stuff and not doing anything with it. You have inspired me. I'm so proud of you! I want to visit you soon in not cyberspace, too!!!

  2. Also, I wore my skirt yesterday that we made little rosettes for!!!

  3. oh my goodness, these are adorable! i think my favorite is the violet holland one. too cute!

  4. ohhh thanks and good luck!!!! Wish me luck! :) I hope you have a lot of succes in etsy!

  5. I like this ^^

  6. I think the vintage roosters is my favorite, and a very handy pin cushion it is.
    mmunyan at hotmail dot com

  7. What a sweet little shop you've set up! Congratulations :)

    I think I'd pick the violet holland pin cushion. That print is just so adorable and I love the blue stitching!

  8. someone has a temple recommend holder made out of the top left fabric and i saw it today and i knew it had looked familiar! yay mikey!

  9. My sister and I just started taking sewing classes and I think the Dusty Pink Nursery Rhyme pin cushion is adorable! I love the house on the button detail!

  10. I love the pink cream and brown floral! also... I don't know if you remember me, but I was nat's roommate... I just found your blog from see kate sew! and one more thing... at work the other day we were talking about names and Ana Read, who I work with said she knows a Michael married to a Michael and I was like me too! and that is you. That's all

  11. Yay! That's so exciting! I love the pink and cream floral pin cushion, or anything made out of that safety pin fabric you printed!

  12. Love the one with the blue vintage roosters!

    lmr3683 at hotmail dot com

  13. GORGEOUS!!! My favorite is the red alice wrist pin cushion:

  14. Michael Ann you are just fantastic!
    When I get back to my sewing days I'm coming to snatch one of these up from you :)
    But for now, I thought of how proud you would be of me for the way I spent my p-day this week.
    Check it out.
    Also, did you get your card??
    -Sis McCall

  15. Oh man! I barely made it in! I LOVE the Alice in wonderland and the purple holland cushions! I don't know what I would ever need two for, but I want them both!


  16. Congratulations on your shop!! It looks lovely!
    Would you believe it but I don't own a single pin cushion!
    I LOVE this one:
    All the best for you on Etsy :)
    tidytipsy at yahoo dot de

  17. I love your shop! you are the real deal now! my favorite is the vintage rooster wrist pin cushion! My email is

  18. congratulations!!! your etsy shop looks beautiful. how exciting :)

    i love the pillow pin cushion - pink cream and brown floral.

  19. Pick Me! Pick Me! hehe :D

    Michael Ann your little etsy shop is so stinkin adorable. I remember when you made your first wrist one at craft night, and it was so cute! Your little squares are my favorite though, and your personalization on the back is awesome, I feel like you could rock them with that being the top and make yourself a household brand/thing like Martha Stewart only cooler cause your YOU! Haha I can't wait to get back to Portland and get to crafting with you again.

    And CONGRATULATIONS on your first sale :D

    PS my favorite is the blue chambray and gingham pillow pin cushion


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