fancy fingernails

there have been so many cute graphic fingernail designs around the internets,
i decided to try one out for my first day back at work yesterday!

from jenee's nails on thursday i was lead to savanna's nails and kaylah's nails,
and decided this time to try out kaylah's tutorial using tape to get crisp lines.

i am so excited with how these crazy nails turned out,
i feel like i have tiny sailor's flags on my fingers, haha!

all i did was paint the blue color, let it dry dry dry all the way,
and used tiny bits of tape to block off the rest of my nail
and make a straight line where i wanted the other color to be.
then i carefully painted the white, let that all dry,
even more carefully took off the tape,
and topped it all off with some clear to smooth out the bumps.

next time i will paint the lighter color first,
i did the dark blue first and had to use so so many coats of white to make it bright.
the hardest part was waiting for everything to dry before doing the next step,
but an office marathon with the mr made it not so bad :]

PS :: have you entered the giveaway yet???


  1. AH! They're awesome! I wanna do that too! I'm so glad you showed me :) I'll let you know when I try it your way !


  2. PS that ring is BLINGIN'!!!!!!!!! WHOA girl!

  3. That looks beautiful! You did such a great job! I am like the world's worst nail painter- my lines would never be that straight! ;)

  4. I'm so impressed that you have that much patience! I couldn't wait for each coat to dry. I love how they look though! Great job!


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