about me

well hello there!

i'm michael ann,
a lover of all things craft and handmade
living with my husband of 2.5 years mr michael
and our tiny baby due this september
in the beautifully rainy portland, oregon.

my grandma taught me how to sew before my feet even touched the machine's pedal
and i have been cutting stitching glueing knitting crocheting ever since!
in middle school i started my first blog
(a running list of all the things i wanted to buy online and do with my friends afterschool)
and started following the magical lives of crafters and makers who were sharing their creations online.
i've been following their lead ever since!

because handmade has brought so much joy to my life,
i want to be able to share that joy with you!
my goal here at michael ann made is to embolden and encourage the timid crafter
to find the happiness that comes from making handmade a part of her life.

so what are we waiting for,
let's get crafting!

you can follow my adventures on these sites -
etsy - twitter - pinterest - instagram - bloglovin - reader

i'm also a contributor on the papernstitch blog and can see those posts here!

if you want to contact me with any questions at all, please email!