The Fussy Cut Sampler Quilt!

Well Hello There!
Long time no sew!

But seriously, it feels real nice to be back in this space, sharing a bit more than an Instagram caption allows about all the quilty things!

To start things off, I'd like to introduce my favorite quilt I've yet made - My Fussy Cut Sampler quilt!

I started this quilt during 2018 when Elisabeth Hardy and Nichole Ramirez hosted a sew along for their book - The Fussy Cut Sampler.

They had done a sew along before, and I just loved watching all the quilts coming out of it. I've wanted to make a sampler quilt since forever (I just love the scrappy visual party of all those crazy blocks together!) so this seemed like the perfect chance!

We had just bought a new bed for my son, so I knew I had to make this quilt for him. I had a pile of nautical/space/math/science/adventure fabrics in rich navy, bright blue, and black and white, I had been saving for a quilt for him. It was time to put those fabrics to good use!

This was SUCH a fun quilt to sew along with! I posted the blocks to Instagram as I went, and you can see them all in better detail in the hashtag #MichaelAnnnsFussyCut. It was so satisfying to see my design wall, and Instagram feed, slowly fill up and get over taken with blue black and white!

I'm so happy to say I DID finish the blocks for the quilt that summer, but as these things happen, I didn't make it to the quilting. That was my job for THIS summer!

I sashed the quilt in Kona Silver, a perfect light grey that allowed all the whites in the blocks to stand out, but still light enough that this is a bright quilt, not dark. I used one of the navy prints (from Emily Winfield Martin's Saltwater line with Birch Fabrics) as the cornerstones to keep everything unified. I quilted it with 1" straight diagonal lines on my trusty Juki, and pieced the back with every large piece of blue fabric I had left in my stash, haha!

This quilt is all tucked in to my little guys bed now, and I could NOT be happier! Now every time I wake him up in the mornings, I can think about the two summers we spent hanging out in my sewing room, playing video games and sewing.