My PMQG Medallion Quilt

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

Happy New Year my dearest friends!
It's been awhile ;]

This year is already off to a fabulous start
especially now that I have my first quilt of the year finished -
my medallion quilt from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild Medallion Along of 2014!

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

Each month of last year, the PMQG provided the pattern for a new round on the medallion.
Since I joined the guild part way through the year, I had a bit to make up for.
I wasn't able to finish it by the December deadline,
but since I was only one round away from finishing I had to keep going!

It feels so so good to have this crossed off my wip list now!

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

I had a lot of fun doing a scrappy take on this quilt,
with my color obsession from last year of aqua, yellow, and grey.
I also used a lot of low volume bits to give the white areas some extra texture.

I love how light, bright, and airy it looks.
Although that made it a lot harder than I was expecting to get a good photo!
It looks a lot brighter in real life...

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

PMQG 2014 Medallion Quilt

It turned out to be the perfect size for the little guest bed we have in my sewing room,
which means I can admire all my hard work all the time, haha.

But seriously, I am pretty proud of this beast.
All of those rounds took a bit longer than I expected,
but I actually finished it!!

Now, onto the next one ;]


  1. That looks awesome! I really love how bright and happy it is!

  2. Finishing a project always deserves applause. Finishing a project when you have a toddler deserves extra applause. It is beautiful!

  3. Wow this is stunning Michael Ann! I have minimal knowledge of quilting, but I can tell you spent a lot of time on this. And I'm with Sherry... way to finish this with a toddler in the house! :)


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