Palos Verdes Violet Blouse

Palos Verde Violet

Today I am so excited to share this springy little shirt I made!

I was lucky enough to be asked by Sew Mama Sew
to participate in their blouse challenge as part of the release of
Cloud9 fabric's Palos Verdes voile collection.

As part of the challenge,
I was sent some of this incredible fabric
and got to stitch up any blouse I chose.
A pretty fantastic challenge if you ask me!

Palos Verde Violet
Palos Verde Violet

The fabric I chose was the Miraleste print.
I was initially drawn to the springy combination of blues, greens, and pinks,
and the tiny floral look.

When I received the fabric I noticed there was so much more to the design!
It looks like a fun doodled watercolor, with soft shaded hearts and bright curly circles.
I just love how darling it is!

And the texture of the fabric is fantastic.
A bit sheer, but so light weight and comfortable to wear.
I will definitely start buying more voile for my clothes sewing!

Palos Verde Violet
Palos Verde Violet

For the pattern, I decided to go with the Colette Violet blouse.
I had used the collar of the Violet as a pattern for this gingham refashioned blouse I made a while back,
but I hadn't yet sewn a whole blouse from the pattern!

A print this darling was just begging for a peter pan collar,
and I was also drawn to the light, blousy fit of the Violet.
The gathers in the back were also a great addition.

Palos Verde Violet

Thankfully, since it is such a blousy shirt, this didn't take much time to fit or sew.
I was able to just stitch it right up!

I hadn't taken into consideration the lightness of the viole when I picked this pattern though,
and initially the collar's facings were far too visible.
I just trimmed them down about 1/2" and it looks just perfect.

Palos Verde Violet

Want to see the other prints in action?!
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Palos Verde Violet

Now I have the perfect top for spring
(although thankfully it looks great with a sweater,
which is probably how I will be wearing it for a couple more months ;] )

Hope you have a great weekend!

Disclaimer: I was sent this fabric by Cloud9 fabrics, but all opinions and stitches are my own! Thanks again Cloud9!


  1. You know, I don't think I've ever seen this Colette pattern and I love it! It is right up my alley, style wise! Your top turned out beautiful!

  2. Fabulous! You really made a sweet blouse, showcasing the lovely print!

  3. The print is perfect for the blouse :) The blouse looks so summery :)

  4. What a pretty blouse! Great write up too. You make me want to read more posts. Love the quilt you posted just before this. Great pattern and such lovely fabric choices. I'm inspired!

  5. That back pleat detail is lovely!

  6. Your blouse is lovely!! It is so sweet!

  7. So cute! I really can't wait to get my hands on some of this voile.

  8. Oh wow, this blouse pattern is so pretty! I love seeing my fabric is quite thrilling for me!!
    Thank you!


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