My First Hexies!

My First EPP Hexies

I have turned to the dark side of quilting
and tried my first English Paper Piecing project.
The worst part was,
I loved it, haha!

My First EPP Hexies

Since I've gotten into quilting, I've been very curious about English Paper Piecing.
I was very intimidated by the amount of hand sewing needed to create such a tiny final product!
But I've also seen some adorable hexagon projects,
and some even more adorable carrying cases for stitching little hexies while out and about.

So I found this fantastic free English Paper Piecing class on CreativeBug
and spent last weekend giving it a try!

My First EPP Hexies

First off, the class was great.
The teacher and video were very clear,
and she did a great job explaining everything you would need to know about English Paper Piecing
without making the class longer than it needed to be.

She spent most of her time with hexagons,
which was perfect because that is what I was dying to try!
I just drew up a couple hexagons using a stencil in the back of one of my quilt books
and got myself to work!

My First EPP Hexies
My First EPP Hexies

I am pleased to say that stitching up little hexagons was quite a therapeutic process.
The process of quilting and doing the same thing multiple times has been very meditative for me,
and doing it by hand at an even slower pace felt very calming on a quiet afternoon.

A project with hexagons is not meant to be a quick and easy project,
it is meant to be a slower more meaningful event.
And I like that!
(It's also nice that I can take it onto the couch and catch up on my Downton ;])

My First EPP Hexies

Now I'm not only planning my next hexie project,
I'm planning the next CreativeBug class I'm going to take!
Either this adorable little Travel Kit class,
or something by Heather Ross because I am slightly obsessed with her right now... haha!

(As a note, they're having an offer to start with a free trial now! Awesome!)

Did you do anything crafty during your long weekend?
I'll be back later this week with my finished hexies in a simple finished project!


  1. so cute! can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. These are gorgeous. Where did you find that white fabric?

    1. The white is Commas by Zen Chic for Moda. I found them at Bolt here in Portland, but a quick Etsy search should find you some! They're so darling, I love that whole line!

  3. They look perfect to me....and cute.


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