500 Quilt Blocks!

500 Quilt Blocks

Happy New Year Friends!!

My resolution for the year is to really dedicate myself to learning the craft of quilting,
and today I wanted to share one of my Christmas treasures that will help me do that.

I think the best part about being a grown up is that you can buy yourself Christmas presents!
I saw this book one day at Powells and new I just had to have it - 500 Quilt Blocks.
Too bad I had to wait until Christmas day to unwrap it!

500 Quilt Blocks
500 Quilt Blocks
500 Quilt Blocks

This tiny hardback book is full of 500 different quilt blocks
and is going to be such a fantastic reference for my quilting library!

It is set up with chapters organized by difficulty and style that highlight different quilt blocks.
Then they show a handful of variations on each block.
I loved that the blocks they chose and all their variations have a very modern feel.

Although the instructions to make each block are all abbreviated
and a bit intimidating to read at first,
the first whole chapter of the book describes all of the quilt construction techniques needed
for all the blocks in the book and is very clear and helpful.

Father's Choice Quilt Block

I was just too anxious to get crafting,
so I sewed up a "Father's Choice" quilt block,
using one of the variations they gave for it.

And I love it!!

I used two new bits of fabric from my Black Friday binge,
some Waterfront Park and Michael Miller Stitch,
and love how cheery and a bit wintry they look together. 
So fresh for a brand new year!

Father's Choice Quilt Block

Father's Choice Quilt Block

I have a feeling I'm going to be growing quite the stash of miscellaneous quilt blocks now...
Looks like I'll have to start thinking up ways to use them all!

Did you get yourself any crafty gifts over the holidays?
I'll have to share the rest of my crafty presents soon!


  1. I can't wait to see you conquer quilting...I'm sure you'll have no trouble! Happy New Year!

  2. What a fun Christmas present to gift yourself. ;-)

  3. Oh, I need to find this book! What a great way to learn blocks, and techniques and learn to do more than just squares! :) :)

  4. Do all the blocks finish up the same size? I love your block and want to make a sampler quilt, but for simplicity/ease for me, I need the patterns to already be the finished size I want. I am new and haven't tried to change up sizes.
    Thank You.


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