Flannel Teddy Bear

Flannel Teddy

Today's post is another recap of something I made in the summer -
A little flannel teddy bear for my little man's first birthday!

I had pinned this Wool and Liberty Teddy bear pattern and tutorial from the Purl Bee ages ago
because he looked like the sweetest little bear.
When I saw that my husband's favorite flannel shirt was finally starting to rip at the elbows,
(the flannel shirt that he wore back when we were still dating!)
I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!

What could possibly be sweeter than a little bear made out of his daddy's old shirt
for my little man to snuggle?

Flannel Teddy

The Purl Bee tutorial comes with a pattern, so I printed it out and got to work.

Definitely the trickiest part was figuring out what to do with all that plaid...
I knew I wanted to match it best I could,
but I was dreading trying to match something three dimensional and curved.
I decided to just focus on trying to match as much of the yellow and red as I could.
Thankfully there was plenty of shirt to work with and the bear is relatively small,
so with a little patience and lots of marking, it came out pretty dang well!

Flannel Teddy

I used some plain red cotton for the accents,
and sewed on some red fabric for the eyes (not wanting to risk buttons).
I'm so happy with how well he came out!

The little man loves him,
and now that silly flannel shirt will live on for many more years ;]

Flannel Teddy


  1. My heart just melted from adorableness-overload! I love the sentimental'ness' of the plaid shirt. I am wonderfully inspired!

    Thank you!

  2. This is such a sweet gift! Your son will thank you for this one day! <3


  3. Soooo cute! The perfect re-purposing project! This bear is on my Christmas gift make list for pretty much all the little ones I know. :)


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