KCW: Autumn 2013 Inspiration

Michael Ann Made || KCW: Autumn 2013 Inspiration

Have you heard of Kid's Clothes Week?

It is a seasonal sewing challenge dedicated to spending one hour a day for a week
sewing clothes for your babies.
And I think it's high time I gave it a whirl!

Since all projects are more fun when you create an inspiration board,
I went ahead and put together some looks I've been pinning as I prep for next week.

Autumn in the pacific northwest means warm layers, rugged rain boots,
and snuggly jammies for lounging around in our freezing cold house.
Of course all the images that stood out to me have the color palette of a dreary rainy afternoon... haha!

- I love this puffy vest from GRO (although I can no longer find the vest available on their site)

- This little outfit is just quintessential Portland - half still in your pjs, half ready for the rain.

- It would be hard to resist snuggling my little man all day in these comfy pants.

- The color blocks on this sweater make it fun and not so dreary.

- Not something I can make, but these rain boots are definitely something I need to get for my little man...

- I love the look of super detailed clothes on tiny people like these rugged man jeans.

- And what's a clothing challenge without a little screenprinted/stenciled tee?

Will you be joining in on the KCW fun?
What are you planning to make?!


  1. ooh, I can't believe this will be your first KCW! It's soooo much fun. Definitely my favourite thing on the blog calendar. I'm going to take it easy on this one as the bubs still isn't letting me get much sleep. Its coming up to Summer here in Australia, so I'm planning on making some swim nappies and rash vests for the boys. If I magically get all that done I have a few other ideas. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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