Book Review - Quilting Happiness

Michael Ann Made || Quilting Happiness Pillow

Thought I would take a quick break from all the baby clothes
to show you this little pillow I quilted this summer!

For my little man's first birthday, my boys let me go off on an adventure of my own to Powell's
to see Diane Gilleland and Christina Lane talk about their new book
Quilting Happiness: Projects, Inspiration, and Ideas to Make Quilting More Joyful!
It was so neat!

Michael Ann Made || Quilting Happiness Pillow

This was right after I had finished my Herringbone Quilt,
so I was still on a quilting high,
and it was so inspiring to see all the amazing quilts from the book
and hear all the stories of the process and how they came to be.

I love that in the book they talk a lot about the process of quilting
and how to find happiness in each of the many steps it takes to bring a whole quilt to life.
So of course I went home with a copy as a little present to myself!

Michael Ann Made || Quilting Happiness Pillow

The quilt patterns included are great, a little bit of traditional, a little bit of modern.
Perfect for someone starting out like me.

I found this quilt block and just HAD to try it out,
but I knew there was no way I could make a whole quilt of it without getting burnt out...
So I made a pillow!
I had a blast digging through my scraps, playing with different colors and patterns.
This block was great because I was able to pick so many different fabrics.

I will definitely be making more of the projects from Quilting Happiness
and definitely recommend checking it out if you love quilting or want to give it a try!

Michael Ann Made || Quilting Happiness Pillow


  1. this is so lovely! I keep looking at all the different little pieces. One day I'll do some quilting.


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