the two week birthday party

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the past two weeks have been one long party!

for my 25th birthday, my boys surprised me with a secret weekend road trip
where we stayed in a fancy hotel with the best breakfast a girl could want,
antiqued in kitschy old cowboy towns,
hiked through thousand year old lava fields,
watched some pretty hard core rock climbers,
and drove on twisty roads to see gorgeous, snow capped mountains from every angle.

then a week after that my sister came to visit!
we walked all over town for supplies to do craft projects,
spent lots of quality time giggling with the little man,
and had long discussions about this here blog
and making our ultimate dream life a reality.

i got spoiled with all kinds of crafty trinkets and project supplies
from those two weeks full of adventures.
i also treated myself to a new fancy lens for my camera!
with a clean desk full of supplies
and a desktop full of photos and memories
i am feeling so grateful for my family and so inspired for the road ahead with them.

i think 25 will be a great year :]


  1. sounds like an amazing birthday! i'm turning 25 in less than a month [scary] and i hope it's something amazing like yours! happy birthday!

  2. What wonderful birthday celebrations!!! Hope your 25th year is your best one yet! :-)

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the idea of an extended birthday. Lucky girl!

  4. Thanks so much! I think all birthdays should be celebrated for two weeks ;]


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