on stash busting

michael ann made stash busting swatch bunting

happy friday friends!
looking for a fresh spring project to work on this weekend?

my dear old college/blogger friend heather is hosting a series all about stash busting
and finding ways to whittle down those massive piles of fabric i'm sure we're all hoarding...

heather asked me to contribute a little something
and so i shared this stash busting swatch bunting tutorial on her site.

michael ann made stash busting swatch bunting

instead of cramming all your gorgeous fabric into a drawer or closet
where you can so easily forget about it,
why not string swatches around your craft space
so you can be inspired while you work?

be sure to pop over to heather's site for the full tutorial and story.

now it's time to fill that notebook with projects and plans for the weeks ahead!
what will you be crafting this weekend?


  1. I love seeing your fabrics and thinking if I have anything made by you and I wore a headband with the grey on the left just yesterday!


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