Mother's Day DIY: Make A Pom Pom Bouquet!

pom pom bouquet for mother's day

now what are we going to do with all the pom pom's we made
from wednesday's how to make a pom pom tutorial?
how about something special for mom?!

these little pom pom flower bouquets have to be
the most cheery things i've seen all week!
with their bright colors and wooly design
they will keep mom's windowsill bright and festive for a long time.

- these giant dandelion pom poms by dana made it would make a fabulous oversized bouquet

- if you don't have time to make one, you can purchase this pom pom flower bouquet
  from stephlovesben (via a subtle revelry)

- lastly i love the colorful stems from this pom-pom flower tutorial by tabula rosi

i'm off to enjoy the sunshine that has finally arrived in portland
and hopefully work on some project's i've had in the planning stages for far too long.

what will you be crafting this weekend?

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  1. how gorgeous! I often want to make pom poms, but have no idea what to do with them

  2. i got so addicted to making pom poms earlier this month, haha! they're just so cute i couldn't help it!

  3. This is adorable! This would make for some fun, springy living room decor.


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