april showers mobile diy

april showers mobile diy

april showers bring may flowers,
especially in portland... haha!

i made this little mobile for the wall above my little man's crib
with some colors a little cheerier than the grey skies outside most days.
the best part is, it only took a nap and a half to make!

if you want to make one for yourself this weekend - here's how!

april showers mobile diy

for supplies you'll need -

- white cardstock
- some colored cardstock or maybe paint chips
- tape, scissors, thread, ruler, pencil

april showers mobile diyapril showers mobile diy

here's a quick trick for cutting out a bunch of triangles the same size -

- first make a strip two inches wide
- on one side of the strip make a mark every inch
- on the second side of the strip, move the ruler up half an inch, then make a mark every inch

april showers mobile diy

- cut diagonally across the strip, from one mark to the other, and presto!
   you have a bunch of tiny triangles!

april showers mobile diy

- sketch out a cloud to fill your whole sheet of cardstock.
  don't feel bad if it takes a couple tries to get it just right... haha

april showers mobile diy

- line up all your triangles on a table just how you want them to hang,
  front sides down if there is a front side
  then lay a piece of thread on top of them and tape it down.
- tape those strings to the cloud, and you're all done!

april showers mobile diy

hang it wherever you might need a little bit of spring time cheer
and a reminder that the rain isn't all that bad ;]
happy weekend!

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