time to start counting backwards

the little jelly bean man and i have hit the 30 week mark
and now it's time to start counting down the weeks till his arrival.
only ten (ish) weeks more! can you believe it!?

as the temperature, and my circumference, have gotten bigger
the pace of life has slowed down around here.

i'm so glad i have the time to focus on getting our little house and life ready for our little guy
but am learning to accept the fact that needing to rest for a bit every two minutes
(and don't expect to see me anywhere but on the couch after 6pm)
is in fact a good thing.
even if it means it takes a week to finish any sort of project, haha!

although i haven't been able to work on my crafty projects with the same dedication
as i was just a couple weeks ago,
i know that this time for hanging out with my little man on the couch
while he practices his judo moves and i read about how i'm supposed to take care of him
is such a precious thing.
in just a few short weeks it will all be over
and the mr man and i will be off on an entirely new adventure with a new little best friend.

and i tell you what, we could not be more excited!


  1. Yay! I was just scouring your blog looking for pics of your pregger belly:) you look great and it sounds like you're savoring this time, good for you! I love the feeling of a kicking baby (except when it feels like they're going to kick straight out!)

    1. Hey thanks Jess! Yah I guess I haven't posted too many pictures of myself lately, I'll have to get on that. And oh man it feels SO weird when he tries to escape and shoves his little butt out so far it makes my tummy all lopsided. You just have to wonder what those little babies are doing in there all day!

  2. oh how exciting! imma new follower :) your blog is adorable!

    1. thanks so much christi! so glad to have you along for the ride :]

  3. You are so darling, and I can hardly wait for that little man to make his entrance into this world so we can see him....or at least pictures of him... :) We love you!!!

  4. How exciting! I don't think we ever actually met at any of the blogger meets but I wanted to introduce myself! I'm Denise from Portland! I'm trying to catch up on all the Portland blogs, nice to meet you!

    You look so so cute prego!!! Can't wait to see pics of your little one!!




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