time for a holiday

shirt // scarf // skirt // shoes

it's finally time for a summer road trip with the mr
and we are off to california!
got to show off the baby bump to the california grandparents and aunt to be
and celebrate with lots of in n out ;]

while "packing" i watched one of my favorite summer movies to get me excited for our adventures -
roman holiday with audrey hepburn!
if i had a waistline still, this is what i would be wearing during my roadtrip.
instead, my skirts will be a little longer and worn a little higher,
although that shirt looks just about right for these days...

hope you all have a fantastic summer weekend,
and i'll see you in a little bit,
hopefully a little more tan and full of milkshakes!


  1. FAVORITE! Give that California ground a kiss for me ok?

  2. Ooh those yellow flats are fantastic! I love Roman Holiday. And My Fair Lady. Breakfast at Tiffany's ... How to Steal a Million. So maybe I'm more of an Audrey Hepburn fan than I originally thought! :) I hope you have a fun vacation!


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