fourth of july pirates

i'm pretty sure yesterday was the best independence day in my husband's entire life
because he got to play on his brother's sail boat all day long!

not sure how they did it, but those two pirate brothers were able to convince
this very unbalanced pregnant lady to go out with them
for a "quick sail down the very placid river"
what they didn't tell me about was the larger and less placid river they planned to get to... haha!
but it was so fun to watch those two little pirates and their dad live out their boyhood dreams
showing the wind and the waves who's boss!
true sailors in the making!

hope your fourth was just as adventures, even if not so piratey.
now how the heck are we supposed to get back to work for two days?
let's just call it a five day weekend and spend it all on a boat ;]


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