this week has been for...

- going to my official six month doctors appointment and getting to hear that little heartbeat again
- not passing out when i had three vials of blood drawn
  (the part where i almost passed out in the waiting room from being nervous doesn't count...)

- waking up early(ish) and walking every morning with my mr, rain or shine
  (and yes we've had both this week in portland...)
- becoming a photoshop expert while i help the mr with some design projects

- experiencing new pregnancy adventures like midnight leg cramps
  and growing elbows and knees judo kicking me at all hours
- lots and lots of resting on the couch

- crocheting a new blanket for the little man while watching my favorite cheesy summer reality shows
- making all kinds of lists of things to do in these last 12 weeks before the little guy arrives

- and taking an inadvertent, but well deserved i think, break from the blog.

i hope that you all have a fabulous weekend
and i'll see you here next week, well rested and excited
for the last couple weeks ahead of life without our little jelly bean!


  1. i'm sorry your alien was making his prescence known.

  2. sounds like the break was VERY well deserved. ;) love the pics! the blanket is gorgeous, too!

    1. thanks so much! i can't wait to finish the blanket and show it off :]

  3. Oh my gosh, you only have 12 weeks left!? I feel like only yesterday you announced your pregnancy! Crazy how time flies. I hope you enjoy the last few weeks with your mister :)


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