sailor knot keychain diy

most of the dads i know have a thing for pirates.
that's why i think this sailor knot keychain diy would be a perfect last minute father's day gift!
all you need is a little bit of rope and maybe a little glue
and your dad will be the coolest pirate dad on the block ;]

materials you'll need:

- about 2 ft of some rope! you can either buy some at the store or
knit a length of i-cord while sitting watching a movie (like my lazy butt did)
this tutorial is great to learn to knit an i-cord
- some glue if you want to secure your knot afterwards
- a keyring

now, how to make the knot

one - fold the rope in half and slip on the keyring.
lay the rope on the table folded at about 1/3 it's length.

two - bring the ends over, leaving a couple inch wide opening.

three - bring the ends under the keyring section, tightly hugging the rope.

four - bring the ends over the overlapping part.

five - tuck the ends through the hole and under the first loop.
pull and adjust the loops to make your knot nice and tight and pretty, and you're done!
if you feel your knot is a little flimsy, use a little bit of glue in between the loops to secure the knot.

now you have a fancy looking little keychain for your pirate loving, sailor man dad!
and it only took a couple minutes,
so you can spend all that extra time writing him a mushy heartfelt card ;]
three cheers for crafts for dads!

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  1. My goodness your blog is cute! I love this tutorial! I've been wanting to try making a necklace like this.

    1. thanks so much! with a little tweaking, i bet you could make a darling necklace with this. good luck!

  2. i learned this knot in sailing class:D

  3. Okay, I know it sounds crazy, but this is the PERFECT gift for my dad, who is both a locksmith and avid sailor! Thanks so much!

  4. That's a pretty cool looking key chain!

  5. Looks really cool,going to make one for the wife

  6. Very cool! My son is gonna love this key chain.
    Thank you for the easy tutorial. : )

  7. sadly this amazing project is not linked back here like in this pin:, but I still found it thanks to google image search


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