give me this mountain - more printables!

i feel like this month has been really heavy on the computer crafts,
but i promise that i only have a couple more things to show you
before we get back to our regularly scheduled sewing projects!

until then, today i'm excited to share a little quote printable i actually made a little while back.
i've been in a motivational quote collecting phase lately,
and instead of just keeping them in a notebook where i can't see them,
i've been writing, or in this case typing, them out and pasting them all around the house.

my college and blogger friend sister elle mccall is serving right now as a full time missionary
and has been keeping up her blog as part of her missionary service.
she is holding a fantastic blog series this month called "spiritual summer camp"
and it just so happened this weekend's homework assignment was to craft with an inspirational quote.
perfect moment to share my project!

this quote "give me this mountain" was from a general conference talk mountains to climb,
given by one of my favorite apostles, elder henry b eyring, this past april.

i feel like this little phrase is all about looking optimistically at situations that might be considered struggles
and being excited for the blessings you will gain and things you will learn from them.
things are always better at the other end of a trial,
so why not look forward to the finish line moment instead of dwelling on the hard parts?

if you would like to print out this little quote for yourself,
i made it available as a free pdf download just for you :]

and if you feel like your summer could use a little more introspection and meditation
be sure to head over to sister mccall's summer camp and see what she's been sharing.


  1. Michael this is great! Sometimes those mountains are mighty difficult. But life is so much better when we look forward to them.
    My calves hurt really bad. It must be a big mountain ;)

    I'm so going to print this and hang it up in my new apartment!

  2. this is great! what font did you use for "mountain"? i love it!

    1. thanks carlia! i used the font "showboat" which you can totally download for free here - it's just so fabulously old timey, i love it

  3. Hi Michael,
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