how to pick a good first craft project

just five minutes on pinterest or in a craft super store can seriously overwhelm a person
if you're trying to branch out into the crafty world or just pick your next project.

today for our confident crafter series,
we're going to talk a little bit about what types of crafts are out there
and how to pick a good beginning project.
(a little bit later in the series i'll share my favorite places to look for crafting projects)

there are about a thousand different crafting skills and trades out there,
but for simplicity's sake, i think i'll break down the crafting world into two categories -
"restyles" and "made from scratch".

i think most of the crafts we see online these days are restyles,
where the crafter takes something old and works to give it new life.
how far you go to transform the existing object can vary greatly,
and can be as simple as sewing a new hemline,
or completely sanding, painting, and reupholstering the whole thing.

made from scratch projects require assembling all your materials
and then creating something that never existed before.
this could be sewing a dress from fabric you bought,
making a scrapbook, crocheting a scarf, or painting a new painting.

within both of these categories you can find tons and tons of different crafts and skills,
like sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroidery,
painting, gluing, refinishing, upholstering,
printing, dying, drawing, collaging,
beading, scrapbooking, quilting, journalling,
this list really is quite endless!

now, here are some things to look for in a good first project -

- wherever you find your project (a book, online, from a friend)
always read through all the instructions before you begin!
this gives you a chance to make sure that the instructions are clear and that you understand them,
and gives you time to ask a crafty friend for help if there's a step you don't understand.

- pick a project that uses materials you already have.
the worst feeling in the world is to spend a bunch of money on supplies
only to do the project and find out it just ain't your thing.

- the best beginning projects can be finished in an afternoon.
the quicker you can see your finished result and feel proud about your first craft accomplishment
the more excited you will be to start another project!

- make something that will actually be useful to you.
don't make a skirt for your first sewing project if you hate wearing skirts and will never wear this one.
the whole point of crafting is to make beautiful things you can use in your daily life!

- most importantly, do something that sounds like fun!
if you're not having fun doing it, then why craft at all :]

congratulations if you read through that entire post!
i promise tomorrow will have more fun pictures and less information reading ;]

and be sure if you finished last week's homework assignment
to post a picture to the michael ann made facebook page!
tomorrow i'll be featuring a couple projects from crafters who posted to facebook
so be sure to link on up!


  1. A restyle type craft project inspired by pinterest:

    1. Those are fabulous Jenn, thanks so much for sharing!


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