week three homework - treat yourself!

how are you all doing my confident crafters,
are you ready for this week's homework assignment?

i thought since we talked about overcoming our fear of failure and how to actually make time to craft
that it would be fun to give us a little extra motivation to try out our new skills.

so this week's homework assignment is to treat yourself!
spend this week making a crafty thing that is just for you!
i often find myself falling into the habit of only crafting for others,
making gifts, things for you guys, or things for my house.
this week, i want to challenge us all to be a little selfish
and make a little something special just for us!

remember, if you complete your project be sure to send me a picture or link,
or post your photo or link to the michael ann made facebook page,
and you just might see yourself featured on the blog next thursday!

so friends, i'm just dying to know, 
what are you going to craft for yourself this week?!


  1. I'm going to be decorating my planner cover...and sending a letter in the next week or so to my crafy buddy!
    That letter may be seeing if I can rope you into helping me with some online missionary work ;)

  2. Oh Elle that's fabulous! Can't wait to hear what you're going to try and rope me into ;)


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