week 2 homework features!

good morning my confident crafters!

how did you do with last week's homework assignment to try something new?
here are two friends that really took the challenge and ran with it, you go girls!

i'm super excited that my friend heather sent over this picture of her newest favorite shirt,
a bunting shirt that she made with screen printing!
i love all the different colors that she used, it makes the shirt so fun for summer.
i've been thinking i'd like to try out more screen printing one of these days, now i think i'd better!

my dear friend whitney is on a crafting roll!
this week she tackled learning how to knit,
and wow i am so impressed with how neat and tidy her little dishtowel turned out.
keep up the great work whitney!
if only i could be as determined and dedicated as you ;]

tomorrow i'll be back with this week's homework assignment,
get ready, it's going to be a fun one!


  1. I really, really need to learn to crochet or knit!

  2. Wow featured on your blog twice! I feel important . . . And Michael, it is your positive enthusiasm that keeps me going! Thanks!


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