new blog series - becoming a confident crafter!

happy may everybody!

i am extra excited it's the beginning of a new month
because i finally get to share with you something i've been working on for a while now -
a new month long blog series all about becoming a more confident crafter!

i have been making things out of paper, fabric, and yarn for quite literally as long as i can remember
and it has become such a part of my everyday life, who i am as a person and how i find happiness.
because it is so dear to my heart, i love sharing my crafting and love of creating with everyone i meet!

i most definitely believe that anyone can learn a craft skill
and that being able to create something out of nothing with your own two hands
brings a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that nothing else can.

this blog series is meant to help us ALL, no matter your perceived level of skill,
become a little more confident in our crafting capabilities!

whether you are a professional lurker
who always admires but thinks, "oh i could never do that",
the part time crafter who tries and tries to love it
but always ends up in a tangled frustrated mess,
or the full time crafter who can feel the need for
their crafting fire to be rekindled after long days of hard work,
this blog series will have something for you!

now this is the most fun part - how to get involved!
each week there will a homework assignment based on the topic of focus
for you to do on your own.
i would love it if you would share how you accomplished the homework goals!
i'll probably set up a "link party" every week for you to easily link up your projects
but if you are interested in helping me with a guest post -
please email me at michaelann @!

i hope you are all as excited as i am for a whole month
focused on becoming better at the things we love to do!
be sure to share this with your crafting friends -
and grab a button for your own site if you plan on participating!

i'll see you back here tomorrow for the very first discussion :]

200 x 100 

200 x 200

(this button can be resized to any square dimension by changing the number value for width & height)


  1. Oh Michael Ann, I am definitely a professional lurker, though I have been thinking of making one of those cute banners you did once (with the circles? I think it was for Valentine's Day). Anyway, I'm excited to see what it coming this month!

    1. yay whitney, so glad you're so excited!! and i know exactly what project you're thinking of and just so happen to have the link right here - looks like you have one of your homework assignments already!

  2. Replies
    1. yes hilary of course you can!! so so excited that you're going to play along :]


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