make your work space work

from top left: here's looking at me kid's crafting room, how to make a craft closet from country living
an inspiring small space from decor8, how to make a big basket from pickles

now that we know what tools we need to become more confident crafters,
we need somewhere to put them and somewhere to use them!
let's talk about how we can make our work space work for us.

crafty work spaces come in all shapes and sizes
and the goal is to find an organized system that works with the space you already have
instead of dreaming about that "someday craft room"
here are some ideas to better optimize your space, no matter how big or small.

- you will never use your space if you can't sit down to a clean desk!
  find some place to store your works in progress
  so you can completely clean your desk after every craft session,
  even if you're not done yet.

- have designated work spaces and storage spaces.
  this may mean storing the bulk of your materials in another part of your house
  so you can keep your work space for working.

- keep your most used tools most accessible.
  these are the tools you want to keep close to your work space.

- make sure the rest of your supplies are easily visible, even when put away.
  i always forget things exist if i can't see them,
  so i use clear plastic bins or open shelves to store fabric and supplies in my closet.

- projects go a lot quicker when you can find what you're looking for the first time!
  this is the hardest thing for me, but once you have yourself organized, stick to it!
  always put things back where they belong.

- find a space with good lighting.
  crafting is impossible if you can't see what you're doing.
  either set up camp next to a window, or invest in some quality lighting.

- if you don't have room for a designated space, learn how to be mobile!
  sometimes your crafting space limited to a corner on the couch.
  have a small basket or bucket you can use to store your project and necessary tools
  so you can easily put it away and take it back out again as needed.

- and most importantly - make sure your space is inspiring!
  have inspiring photos, favorite trinkets, refreshing colors,
  whatever you need to get excited about sitting in your space and doing what you love!

those are the things i've learned about making a craft space work for me,
what are some things you need to make your work space work?

see you back here tomorrow for our first confident crafter homework assignment! woo!

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  1. I love this post!! Wish I had my own room, but I only own an former computer table that houses my sewing machine...and my craft supplies are stored in disarray in a closet (which I've been meaning to sort and organize). I'm going to try to organize and sort out my supplies this weekend (crossing fingers). Great post :)

    dela chic

  2. So we are in the process of moving right now, but in our next place I will definitely have room to set up camp and get organized. I wonder if I could turn one of our spare bedroom closets into a workspace...i love the picture of the blue workspace and it almost looks like it's in a closet! I could make that work!

    1. i love the craft closet idea! the link under the photo is for a tutorial on that explains all about how to set one up, you should definitely check it out!

  3. A month ago I had the idea of organizing my crafts into the only empty closet I had. I did some research and I was surprised to find out so many great ideas... I can proudly announce I have my craft. Office up and running for 2 weeks. It is a pleasure to sit down and create. Of course, there still are some thing I need to improve, but I love it! And your tips are very true and helpful!:) thank you for this post...


  4. I loved this post, I've recently just moved house and have a whole room in which I can make my own. X

  5. Super cute! I've been thinking a lot about my ideal crafting space for when we move. Love your graphic design/layout--jealous of your skillz! ;)

  6. UGH I really need to revamp my workspace. I have a great big desk to work at, but between my iMac, printer, and the general lack of storage, there's no extra space for crafting. My sad sewing machine really needs a home of its own.

    P.S. I'm clearly behind on my blog reading... but I LOVE this series so far!! I really hope I can de-clutter my life enough to participate!


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