inside a crafter's toolbox

let's start out our adventure to become more confident crafters
by discussing the tools we need to craft!

the following is a list of inexpensive tools and supplies to start building your crafting toolbox.
i have gathered all these tools bit by bit over the years
and have found them to be the most used in my collection.

you can find most of these supplies online
at places like or
or at your local craft stores.
shoot i've even found some fun vintage supplies at thrift stores, it's all about the hunt!

now, let's look inside my crafting toolbox!

adhesives -

- rubber cement - great for paper when wet,
  or paint both surfaces and let it dry to stick more heavy duty materials like wood and fabric to paper
- shipping tape - i like that it's wide and can cover more area quicker
- spray glue - i've only just started using it and it works SO well
  for covering large areas with no bubbles or ripples
- double stick tape - so sneaky and so nice for quickly sticking things
- glue gun - perfect for heavy duty gluing

cutters -

- fabric scissors - keeping a nice pair of shears for fabric cutting only will keep them sharp longer
- paper scissors - for all your basic scissor needs!
- hole punch - it always surprises me how often i use this silly thing
- craft knife - with a ruler it makes great straight lines, on its own its great for detailed inside cuts

basic sewing -

- pins and needles - basic needles for sewing and embroidery
  and strangely enough i use a plastic yarn needle quite often
- sewing thread - sewing thread in a couple basic colors will get you through every sewing project
- embroidery thread - great for sewing simple hand stitched projects
- crochet hook and yarn - even if you don't crochet, having a hook can help
  with poking tight corners inside out when sewing, or fixing torn sweaters

basic coloring -

- foam paintbrush - great for painting large surfaces
- large and small paintbrush - great for painting small surfaces
- markers - can be used on stamps and provides a larger color range than most stamp pads
- colored pencils - i use them for coloring idea sketches or drawing silly cards for friends

basic drawing -

- clear ruler - this ruler is probably my favorite craft supply of them all!
  i use it for pattern drafting, drawing, measuring, cutting, anything you need an exact line for!
- fine tipped pen - after many hours of taking notes in college,
  my favorite pen is the pilot precise rolling ball extra fine tip.
  is it vain of me that i love it because my handwriting looks so cool with it? haha!
- mechanical pencil - i'm lazy and can never find my pencil sharpener, so i love mechanical
- permanent marker - i don't use it too often but i'm always so glad i have it when i need it!
- eraser - gotta have some way to erase mistakes...

extra curricular - there has to be some fun supplies in your toolbox too!

my personal favorites are glitter, washi tape, fun string, and cute buttons.

so that's my (kind of long) list of what's in my craft toolbox!
depending on the types of crafts you do,
you may have a different list of necessities.

what are some crafting tools and supplies you can't live without?

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  1. Great post!! I have all of the above but have a problem with storage because I keep buying more and more craft tools!!


  2. Wow this is intense! I wish I had the patience for some serious crafting. x

  3. I can't live without my hot glue gun!

  4. This is perfect! Just what I need to get started :) I love spray adhesive, that stuff is magical!

  5. I love beading so I usually have some beads and wire in mine=]

    1. good call on the beading supplies miss marisa! i've made so many last minute earrings presents... haha!

  6. I have about 8 of those same clear rulers! I love them and cannot get enough of them! Just don't leave them in a hot car or they will warp and never lay flat again! Some of my go-to tools are clear stamps & acrylic blocks to use them with, glue sticks, baby wipes (for cleaning up messy fingers), and a pencil for making marks that can be erased.

    1. oh i love the baby wipes idea, i always end up using rags and am sad when they get all paint stained.


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