a couple of tiny updates

what a gorgeous sunny monday i woke up to in portland this morning!
thought this would be the perfect chance to pop in with a couple of tiny updates.

first off, the little man and i are at our halfway point!
we're a little over 5 months along now and i'm starting to get pretty excited to meet him.

the most exciting development - he is working those tiny legs of his!
last week he decided to start kicking around hard enough for both me and the mr to feel
and he hasn't stopped moving since!
i never imagined such a bizarre feeling would be so comforting, haha.

second on the list of updates,
we have a winner for our poppy planner giveaway from last week!
minna from blogger in love should be in touch with you shortly.

i'll see you all back here tomorrow for more confident crafter goodness.
now it's time to hurry up and work so i can go enjoy the sunshine!
have a fabulous week :]