book review: file folder scrapbook with re-bound

hey my confident crafters, how is your latest homework assignment going?
have you tried any new crafts this past week?

i am so excited to share with you a little scrapbook that i made for my little baby boy to be!
i've made little cheesy sketchbook notebooks before, but i've never done much scrap booking.
i decided to use the book re-bound: creating handmade books from recycled and repurposed materials
to make a little scrapbook from some things i already had around the house.

i made the 12 month organizer described in the book because it used little envelopes.
i thought that would be very sweet to have for a little baby book,
because i can tuck little things away,
like the ultra sound pictures or little hospital wrist bands.

instead of using only envelopes, like the book uses,
i decided to use some more file folders as blank pages.
that way i can do some scrapping of little photos on those pages.

i've also never used little eyelet brads before and was really excited to try it!
i had a couple little heart eyelets, from who knows where,
but don't have an eyelet setter or tiny hole punch.
with a little creativity and a screw driver, i was able to figure it out pretty quick... ;]

i haven't started decorating it yet, because i don't really have anything to use!
i did find these tiny scrabble tiles in my stash, and think i'm going to have to use these for the cover
they're just too sweet!

i am really excited to have it done before the little man shows up.
i'm hoping to prep some of the pages so all i'll have to do is stick on some photos after he's born.
because i have this sneaking suspicion
i'm not going to want to do too much crafting for a while after he shows up :]

so friends, how are you homework assignments going?

remember to send me a picture on facebook of your finished project
and you just might be featured on the blog tomorrow!!

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  1. Great little project! It is so much fun and so green to re-purpose materials.

  2. Thanks! It's also easy on the wallet to repurpose materials, my bank account is especially happy about that ;)

  3. this looks great- love albums made from office supplies!


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