baby bump style - bright blue jersey dress

look at that tiny tummy poking out!
(and my silly matching blue slippers...haha)

i don't really want to spend a whole lot of money on pregnant lady clothes
seeing as i'd rather just buy adorable tiny baby boy things.
so i have a whole long list of plans and projects
for clothes to refashion or make from scratch that will fit this ever growing baby bump.
of course i hope to share them all with you!

now this little bright blue jersey dress i actually sewed a couple years ago
but i've been wearing it so much these past couple weeks
(and never did blog about it)
i thought it would be a perfect baby bump style introduction.

the pattern is mccalls 5535 (i found it here on amazon)
and the fabric is a crazy knit i found thrifting.
it was so easy to stitch up,
and is the most comfortable thing i own now that my jeans are getting so snug!

i'm planning on making another one out of a lightweight chambray i found thrifting
and just might alter the style of the pattern a little and make one more dress.
considering i'm due in september,
i'm planning on spending most of my pregnancy in light weight summer dresses.
now i just gotta keep on that sewing machine!


  1. I totally made a dress from that pattern and wore it throughout my pregnancy. Awesome! Oh and congrats on a BOY!

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