skinny pants diy

skinny pants diy

i love the look of skinny black ankle length pants,
they're just so audrey hepburn!
instead of spending a bunch of money that i don't have,
i decided to play with a pair of black pants i picked up at the thrift for just a couple bucks.

skinny pants diy before

unfortunately, all of my step by step pictures came out super fuzzy because the pants are so dark,
but here is an explanation of what i did.
i promise, it's a lot easier than you'd think!

- turn your pants inside out and lay a pair of pants you like on top as a pattern.
- pin or use chalk to mark along the outline of your skinny pants so you know where to sew.
- sew along your new seamline,
  try them on to make any more adjustments,
  then press your seam, cut off the excess, and finish the raw edge!
  all done!

skinny pants diy after

here are a couple tips for best skinny-ing success :

- make sure to take in width from both the outside AND inside of the legs,
  otherwise they will twist funny.
- depending on the fit of the pants on your thighs,
  you will probably be stopping the tapering somewhere mid thigh.
- when you do decide to stop tapering and return to the original seamline
  give yourself a good couple inches to return to the seamline.
  you should end up with a long, very skinny angle between your new seamline and original.
  this will ensure that you don't end up with a funny bunch or wrinkle.
- i found that my pants fit much better after i washed them too
  so the new seam had a chance to relax.

and there you have it!
i decided to leave mine long and just cuff them when i want to wear them ankle length.
and i'm thinking i might have to do more altering on them soon
seeing as i can't seem to button them anymore... haha!

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  1. This is a fabulous post. I have two pairs of pants that are just horribly baggy. Woohoo for new pants!

    And I'm loving the new blog look. This is just lovely!

  2. i'll be right over with all of my jeans!

    i couldn't imagine you becoming any more beautiful than you are...

    THIS PICTURE? beautiful squared!

    x o


  3. I did this and it worked like a charm! The change in mine was a little more dramatic though, because my pants were VERY flared. C:
    Thanks for the helpful tutorial! I'll definitely use this again.

  4. Hi. I am a beginner sewer. How do you press the seam before you cut off the excess? And how do you finish the raw edge? Thanks!


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