want a featured post on michael ann made?

good morning friends!

this is your friendly reminder that i am still accepting sponsors for this march
which starts this thursday if you can believe it!

$5 will get you a large ad spot and a featured post all your own during the month,
where you could share with us a giveaway, diy tutorial, product review, anything you want!

there are also still ad swap spaces available,
all that's required is a button of mine on your own site to see your own button here!

check out the sponsor info page for more information
and be sure to email me if you have any questions (michaelann AT michaelannmade DOT com)

a couple other notes ::

be sure to enter the ohlnu giveaway if you haven't already.
today is the last day! eek!

also i'm hoping to spruce things up around the blog a bit before march officially starts
so if you stop by and there's a bit of a mess, that's why.

i am just so excited for march to start, time to get busy and get ready!