a thank you and a song

oh thank you all so much for your well wishes for our little baby to be!
this tiny person has already received so much love and support,
it makes my heart so happy and at peace,
as nervous and excited as i may be for the adventure ahead.

thankfully the biggest "symptom" so far has just been the ever constant desire to nap,
with only a little dash of queasy right before bed.
crafting and blogging has had to be patient while i learn to adjust,
but i think the mr, little jelly bean, and i are starting to find a routine that works for all three of us
and i'm hoping to have some projects to share with you soon!

(and don't you worry, i'm just as excited as you for baby crafts! eek!)

i thought today would be a perfect day to share this song for your saturday:
i have never loved by my brightest diamond filmed by la blogotheque.
i found this video again one morning while "trying" to get out of bed,
and i don't know if it's all these extra hormones, but i was so teary eyed and touched!

consider this song my little thank you to you dear friends :]


  1. dearest daughter o'mine...again, you bring me to tears.

    sleep, baby...sleep. it's okay...


    x o


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