pattern review - it's raining love mobile

when katie from the red kitchen and i were discussing what she would like to do
for her february sponsor feature post
she asked if i would do a review of one of the downloadable patterns she offers in her etsy shop
and of course i was all for it!

so today i would like to share with you my take on the
it's raining love plush baby mobile pattern by from the red kitchen ::

katie has written the pattern to use leftover t-shirts for that extra soft jersey feel.
since i didn't have any spare tshirts, i decided to try it out with some quilting cotton scraps...
i'm happy to report it came out just fabulous!

i think that with knits the round edges of the tiny hearts and the cloud
can stretch and round out a little nicer than mine did,
but i'm still happy with how mine turned out.
they're "rustic" right? ;]

the pattern comes as a pdf with really clear photos and instructions.
i have to admit i felt pretty cool sitting at my desk with the pattern open on my ipad... haha!

i'm so happy that katie sent me this pattern
because now i have one more quick project to make as a gift
for all my friends that are having cutie little babies right now.

be sure to pop over to from the red kitchen's etsy and blog and tell her hello!

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