full time crafting

christmas is just a couple days away
and we're in full time craft mode at this house to get ready!

now that the semester is finally over, we've been so busy playing catch up,
but i wanted to pop in with a quick post to share some really exciting new...

last friday was my last day at my after school day care job. forever!

it was a tough decision to make,
but after spending a year and a half there,
and realizing i just wasn't being fulfilled in the ways i had hoped,
the mr and i decided that its time for me to move on.
i can now support him full time in his school and work
and follow my own dreams of sharing my love of craft with the world!

you had better be ready dear readers for some very exciting things in the year ahead.
i am so grateful for all of your support,
it would have been a much harder decision to make if it wasn't for you ;]

now let's quit chattin and get back to craftin!
i'll be back later this week with a quick wrapping diy for last minute presents.
in the mean time,
i just discovered this pretty sweet website for following instagram feeds - instagrid.
you can follow all of my craft adventures there or on instagram @michaelannn.
good luck crafting!


  1. Oh, congrats! I'm so pleased for you, that sounds lovely!

    And happy, happy holidays to you the mister!

  2. Congratulations and good luck for the future! :) xx

  3. I love the Sparkle clips <3

  4. Congratulations! That really is exciting. I taught preschool/daycare for a good year or so before finally quitting to stay home (I was pregnant at the time) and it was so much more of a relief than I would have imagined before I finally did it. Hooray for you! And I'm excited to see what you'll be sharing. Happy crafting!


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