sneaky november...

dear october,
you came and left so fast!

but i'll forgive you,
because you were filled with so many fun things,
most importantly an adventurous weekend with my dearest friend marisa
who i hadn't seen in two years.

but hopefully november will go by a bit slower so i can have a chance to catch up...

and while i'm on the subject of catching up,
i have a very belated winner of my thankyouforfollowing giveaway - miss amber lee!

also, you should stop by the blog papernstitch today
to see my first ever contributor diy post - an embroidered fair isle sweater diy!

now here's to hoping november allows me a little more time to craft than october did ;]


  1. AH! Send Marisa to me in a package! I haven't heard from her in so long!
    Your pictures of nature and the temple are incredible!

  2. yay I'm so excited! thanks :)

  3. Thats so true! October flew by, Im hoping November is the month for catching up and super crafting.

  4. A coworker of mine always says "the days are long but the months are short." It's so true... I can't believe Thanksgiving is three weeks away!

    And GREAT tutorial on Papernstitch. I look forward to seeing more there! :)


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