gifts for your crafty girls - a tutorial gift guide

this week on handmade holidays,
we're focusing on our crafty girl friends.
here is a list of tutorials you can use to make gifts for your craftiest of girls!

1. carve her a personalized stamp she can use
to decorate her etsy packaging or thank you cards
using this stamp carving tutorial from geninne's art blog

2. or you could use that stamp to create a tiny sketch book
with this mini journal tutorial from a pair of pears

3. if she is a sewer on the go,
you could make a needle book in her favorite fabrics
using this needle book tutorial from nana company

4. lastly, any crafty girl could use a cute tiny pin cushion
like this one from origami mommy made out of a bottle cap!

i'll see you wednesday for a quick tutorial for a gift i just gave
to my craftiest bff for her birthday!
it was quite a hit, and i think it would make a great christmas gift.
hope these tutorials gave you some food for thought!


  1. I'm so glad you like our blog! Thanks for featuring our diy. Your blog is wonderful too. I'm glad we found each others blog. :) Have a happy Thanksgiving and eat lots of pie!

  2. I'm going to snatch up these year.
    But remember, hyphy holidays!!!
    (best. thanksgiving. ever.)


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