craft kit gift and fabric basket tutorial

i love giving gifts that have a lot of little surprises all wrapped up into one great present.
that's why i love this gift idea so much!

it's a mini craft kit for your crafty friend,
complete with fun little supplies and tools
all wrapped up in a handmade fabric basket that she can use to store her projects!

the fabric basket is a simple project that you can easily finish in an afternoon.

- a sturdy fabric for the outside, i used some vintage upholstery fabric i thrifted
- pretty fabric for your lining
- bias tape
- some heavy duty interfacing!

first - figure out the dimensions that you want your basket to be.
cut from your outside, lining, and interfacing these pieces:
- one piece the length of all four of your sides
- one piece for the bottom
- one piece for a pocket if you want
- and two pieces for the handles.

- baste the interfacing to the outside fabric for all pieces,
and then sew the pieces together into the box
(first sewing on the pocket if you want it).
- sew the lining pieces together into a box and place the lining inside the outside.
- sew the lining and outside together by placing the bias tape around the top
and sewing close to the edge of the tape.
- sew on the handles, and you're done!

i gave this gift to my dearest friend for her birthday and she loved it!
i made her a little bright orange sewing kit basket
and filled it with some fabric bits, fun colored thread, sewing pins, and tailor's chalk.
i'm sure any of your crafty friends would love this gift just as much :]

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