on inspiration

this past week or so,
i've been really focusing on trying to get some inspiration
for all of the goals i would like to accomplish with my blog and life in the next couple months.

i've been doing all kinds of research, visiting all my favorite stores,
spending probably too much time on pinterest, and going through all my old magazines,
making tons of notes, collections, and tiny inspiration boards along the way.
the hope is that by the end of the week,
i'll be able to solidify my plans and get to work!

i thought it would be fun to share with you one way i get inspiration,
that is very near and dear to my heart.
i don't mention it often, but i'm a proud and devout latter day saint.
this weekend is our general conference,
when saints all over the world come together to hear our leaders speak to us.

i love the peace and confidence i feel when i listen to these wise and respected leaders tell me
that there is someone who loves me dearly and who wants to help me live my life the best i can.
i always come away with inspiration for my life,
and am so excited to see what i will learn and discover this weekend.
it couldn't have come at a better time!

i am so curious to know, dear readers, what are some ways that you look for inspiration?


  1. Love the blk and whts! Great inspiration!

  2. Yay General Conference!!!
    My inspiration usually comes from whatever I'm obsessing over at the moment. From tv shows to food to conversations with friends. I take those obessesions and turn them into my creative juice!

  3. Oh, I love your boards! I'm making inspiration boards with PowerPoint for our new apartment these days.
    I get my inspiration mainly from blogs and pinterest :)


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